Monday, 23 September 2013


Today is the last full day of our cruise and we're Savona.  We were here a couple of years ago and really liked it.  Same today.

Since my last repertoire we've had a gala dinner.  Been to Napoli,  although we didn't get off the ship (Tony's get were bad) so I spent the day by the pool reading and got a little bit of a tan to parts that don't usually see the sun.  ( No, not those parts! ).

All in all we've had a great time.  The weather has been kind and the sea calm.  It's clear that Costa have made cutbacks but is still a luxury and we are very lucky to be able to bum around so much.  Our dinner waiters have been excellent and of course will benefit from that this evening when we say good bye.  They want us to go see them in Bali. Maybe. 

Anyway tomorrow we get back to BCN and home to see our kids.  The are loads of dogs here in Savona so missing is more.  I shall be raiding the buffet in the morning for some sausages and bacon to take back for them. 

See you all in VnG. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

It's Saturday so it must be Sicily.

Just arrived in Sicily and found a cafe with good Internet connection.  First in a couple of days. Had a quick connect in Malta but was a light backing thing so hot kicked off.

Anyway we really enjoyed Malta. .Valletta.  We had a good wander round.  It was really strange to find everything in English.  It was also very cheap.  Considering a move there.  Closer to the equator so warmer too.

We're enjoying the on board Food and making the most of the cocktails.  The entertainment in the theatre is the usual good hearted fun.  Last night was 'I have a dream" and I have to admit to Sheddinga tear.  Songs that mean a lot.  This is the moment and one guy and you can guess where that took me. 

Just having a quick coffee before exploring Catania at the base of Etna. Not impressed so far. Looks a bit grubby and run down but we shall go in search of the hidden treasures. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ship's log. Day Two.

Boarding went very smoothly yesterday.  Julie dropped us of at BCN port and within an hour or so we were in our room and unpacked.

After a drink in the bar we attended the obligatory welcome meeting to hear the usual intros and info.  Being old hands at this there was nothing new.

Then the emergency drill.  Same there really.  Lifevests, lifeboats,  don't run ( us?) Snd don't shout. All v fine.  Not sure it'd be so regimented should anything really happen.

A quick vermouth in the bar and tarted ourselves up ready for dinner. 

First was a show in the theatre.  A singer we'd seen last year.  Roberto Singalonga or something like that.  Exactly the same show as he did last year.

We then settled down on the bar again before realising what the time was and a quick dash to the restaurant before we missed out on dinner. We were only 20 minutes late and the maitre d' said it was no problem. 

This year or two waiters are both from Bali. Matty and I-Made.

For dinner I had:
Vegetable tempura.
Barley soup.
Tiramisu of aubergine.
Mixed salad.
St Honore cake.
So just 5 courses. . There was also a pasta course and a cheese course,  neither of which appealed. 

Of course we went off to another of the bars for a nightcap. .. a baileys banana colada. .. Then bed. 

This morning we have docked in Palma de Majorca.  Tony's not sleep well and his arthritis is still playing up so we have decided on a lazy day on the boat.  He's still in bed.  I've had a nice cooked breakfast an a bowl of fresh Fruit.

I'm now relaxing on the deck with a nice cup of Earl Grey and a cinnamon bun reading my book in the sun.  If I don't put weight on this holiday it'll be a bloomin miracle. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Well almost ...

I took the girls to meet Sue who will be a point of emergency contact. She lives within running distance should they have any emergencies that they need help with. Failing that Tony has introduced them to the guys in the bar next door, many of whom speak a few words of English and would be only to happy to help damsels in distress.  For Animal emergencies Amy has Julie's number, and they've met before, so hopefully every eventuality is covered. They also have a pretty comprehensive house manual for the general day to day things around the house.

We've done the big Lidl shop so they're well stocked up on necessities, and goodies, and they know where to get everything should they run out. We got in a bumper pack of toilet roll -we just can't believe how much the 'fairer' sex get through. A roll will last us ages, we've already got through three since they've been here!

Tony's given the garden a good watering, and instructions on what needs doing out there have been made clear. Woe-betide them should we come back to dead seedlings!!

The animals have got used to their babysitters, Cuddy and Donna have bonded well - Donna has a Brown lab so understands the Labrador mentality.  Xali is his usual chilled self and the cats can take them or leave them, as long as they get their food regularly and on time. 

All we've got to do now is pack up a few things -like the cases, but that'll be a last minute job, then we'll be ready for the off.

Julie is kindly picking us up at 3.00 o'clock to take us up to Barcelona Port, so that is that -All pretty much sorted. 

I will try to blog if we get access (not paying on-board ship prices though) so there may just be an update here during the week ... if not see you in a few days.

Off on the high seas we go ..... the Costa Favulosa awaits



Monday, 16 September 2013


On Tuesday we are off on our Annual Mediterranean cruise. This weekend the girls arrived from Sussex to take over babysitting duties. On Saturday we spent hours cleaning and making sure everything was ready for their arrival, within moments of being here they had taken over, girlie things everywhere! 

Saturday was also our anniverary -31 years together, six years married, so we went off into Sitges for a celebratory drink and meal. Drinks as per usual were in CafeBar Montroig. 


Dinner was at The Pizzeria Capo de la Vila, one of our favourite restaurants, where they make some of the best pizzas in the world. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

What a gay day

To stand side to side with gay men and women around the world there was a worldwide string of demonstrations outside Russian consulates and Embassies on Sunday 8th September.
There was nothing organised in Barcelona so Noelle and I set about to change that and organised an event through a facebook and twitter campaign.

At 13.30 we were outside the Russian consulate in Barcelona setting up, and by 14.30 we were joined with by around 20-30, maybe 40 others to take part in a kiss in, a bit of chanting and and a general visual show. 

One of our group had even spoken to the local television news channel and we managed to get onto the TV news that afternoon. 


And for a look at me protesting on the TV (again - remember the dog demos from a few years back) check out this link:

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Together / Alone

During the summer I took quite a break from writing, what with this and that keeping me busy I just didn't make time for it.. silly me, especially as it's something I love doing.

This week I have been trying to get back into it, but once again circumstances have been taking over. 

Today, however, I have finally sat down and got to it, writing three short stories, and starting another, all ready to be uploaded to Writey-Ho over the next few days. 

To start with I was worried that I would have lost the knack of putting words together to create a story from a one or two word prompt, but within minutes my fingers were whizzing over the keys and the stories were telling themselves. My muse was back on my shoulder. Is it a gift I have? I really don't know, but what I do know is I love it, and will stick to it, until that big deal comes from a huge publishing house (on my terms) or from Hollywood (or Pinewood Studios etc) for a deal to turn one of my stories into a film, or visual extravaganza of some sort. 

Yesterday my story on Writey ho - Together -was slightly political, but written from the heart, with feelings that I have sought answers to over the years. Tony was my 'Marti' and we've got through the tough times together, and will continue to do so.

Today's story on Writey-ho - Alone is a little bit of magic, a little bit of love, and a little bit of hope all combined together for a story about Colin. 

Please take a look at Writey-Ho (apologies for repeating this word so many times) and let me know what you think of my short stories. I am writing to improve my skill, and feedback is much-appreciated. I primarily write for myself, If my stories work for you so much the better.

And for Adam fans - check back tomorrow for his story is about to continue -more twists and turns in the life of the Guardian.