Saturday, 30 November 2013


So yesterday I put the finishing words down for the cousins' second adventure and completed the Nanowrimo challenge for the third year running. I can't begin to tell you how good that feels. I started the month off not knowing where I was going with the story, but day after day the plot fell onto the page from my fingertips, and I loved every minute of it. Just under 52,000 words....

And now I am working on the final proof of 'The Quest for the Magic Key' which will be on public sale next week. 
Anyone wanting a signed copy should let me know and I will arrange to get a copy to you ASAP. There will be more details of this BESTSELLER!! soon...

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Thirty thousand plus...

Writing, writing, writing. I am all consumed by it at the moment as I rush past the 30,000 milepost, nearly 33,000 to be more accurate, in the Nanowrimo challenge.  I am loving the journey with the cousins again. We've made some new friends along the way -Taylan is one of my favourites and I think he'll be back if (when) I get to book three. At times I have found this book a little darker than the last adventure - I may have to change some bits before publishing! 

On Friday the proof paperback copy of 'The Quest for the Magic Key' arrived and I've started the proof reading of it- little scribblings in the margins- I'm always amazed at how, after so many edits, that there are still errors now! Ah well. I should have this final proofing done by mid-week when I will be releasing the book for general sale. Janey's already said she may have a book launch party at hers before Christmas, so if anyone wants to get their copy at a special prize before Christmas you'd best let me or her know and we'll ensure your copy is there to pick up. 

Also on Friday 'The Artist's Way' arrived from Amazon and having just briefly dipped into its pages I am enthused and encouraged...

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Over Half Way

This month I've been in a writing frenzy, by the 30th I hope to have written my second children's novel- tentatively titled 'The cousins' second adventure'.
So far,  and only day 13, I am over half way as shown in the screen capture of the Nanowrimo site. 

Today I wrote another 1915 words bringing the total to 26,017, and as I left the page the cousins were marooned in the middle of an ocean... but fear not I know what happens next even if they don't ...

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Oh how much I love writing, and how much I love the Nanowrimo challenge each year -it really focuses me and gets my muse flowing freely.

Today I have added 4,095 to this year's effort, and am rushing towards the 20,000 word barrier. And I've even manged to pop up to the Lottie, do some washing, water the garden and cook a roast dinner. Not quite superman, but a happy story-teller. Happy!! 

On Friday I managed to get everything together for 'The Quest for the Magic Key' and it is off at the publishers for a proof copy, which I should get back within the next ten days. Then after a final proof I will be able to release it for general sale. It's been a year of work (on and off) and I am so looking forward to seeing it all come to fruition. 

Getting the right illustrator has been a challenge, but I love Ritu's illustrations, and work for the cover. I was going to post a pic of the cover here, bu have decided to hold out a bit longer. Do you want to see the cover. If so comment below. If I get at least five comments I may just post the cover on here ... what do you think? Do you want to see the cover? am I teasing, well just a bit yes...

Saturday, 9 November 2013

November Fair

This weekend has been the annual November Fair in VnG. 

I was working this morning so at 2.00 I met Tony after the end of classes and we had a wander around the stalls. 

Had a quick drinkie at a new place in town (Koppenberg has arrived in VnG)

And ended up having a snack lunch on the seafront in the sunshine- Patatas Bravas 

Before going home and writng a bit more of my Nanowrimo Novel, and a short story for Writey-Ho  but more of my writing endeavours tomorrow..

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Molt Bé

As you may already know about a month ago Tony and I (With Sue) started to do Catalan Classes. We thought that as we have decided to make this our permanent home, and have no desire to move back to the UK we would take the plunge and learn the local language. 
Tony took some classes when we first moved here, but these are more intense and we are rushing along with both vocabulary and grammar.
We have always manged to read in Catalan, and generally understand when others speak to us in Catalan, but reply and making use of the language ourselves was pretty non-existent. 

At the end of our last class, on Tuesday we were warned we would be doing a little test on all we have learnt so far. Needless to say, as with most students that word 'test' made us panic a little and we've spent the last couple of days practising verb conjugations and how to say things like the time etc. Telling the time in Catalan is very different - not like any other languages we speak at all. 

Anyway this morning we checked our homework and then were given a blank sheet of paper on which we had to write about our daily routine. Not too bad. Once we had written as much as we needed our papers were collected in. We were then invited to make a large circle and present to the class our daily routine orally, with no papers to help. Golly but when I'm put on the spot like that I find it more difficult to think clearly, especially in a language I hardly know. 

Going through the register one by one everyone spoke about their daily routine.  Just before it was Sue's turn she got a call from the Nursery to go pìck up Lily who was a little distressed - how did she plan that one we wondered?! Tony went before me, and I must say I was proud at how he managed it and was given a 'Molt Bé' mark. He hardly stammered or stuttered at all.

Then it was my turn. Yes, I faltered on a few verbs -interference from my Spanish vocabulary, and made a couple of errors in pronunciation, but at the end I too got a ´Molt Bé' 

So there we have it our Catalan is coming along just fine. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Back to the land

Popped up the lottie this morning to do a quick bit of watering. ended up being even quicker than I thought as the water wasn't turned on and there was no-one around to ask to turn it on, so I used up the water that was in the pipes and came back home. Sue will go up later to water, otherwise our poor plants will wither and die as the weather's turned warmer again. 

 Banana trees replanted
 Pergola/tent and trees straightened up 
& a bit of watering done

The winds of the last couple of days had taken their toll. The tent/pergola thing had lifted off it's base, luckily it's also secured to the fence. The trees had also blown over- no damage done there, I just uprighted them.

Mike has done a good job in digging out the footings for the water tank, let's hope it turn s up soon so we can get down to some serious planting with plenty of water for healthy plant growth. 

Oh and if anyone knows where we can get some chickens leave me a message or give me a call. Preferably want to rescue some battery hens. 

Monday, 4 November 2013


Today started with the car's ITV (UK MOT) -road test and it passed with no problems -aside from my worrying. I get so stressed that when the mechanic tells me to press the brake I wonder which pedal it is -No joke - I really forget which foot is supposed to go where! 

Photo: Passed

The only thing they could find at fault was that the registration plates were scratched. (parking in Spain does that for you!)

When I got home I found an e-mail sent by Mikey confirming that he is coming to visit this month. We always look forward to his visits, and as we haven't seen him for a while that's great news. He'll only be here for a couple of nights but in that short time we'll have fun fun fun. 

Then when the post-girl came this afternoon  there was a delightful little packet for me from Michelle in Australia. My very own JOY notebook. As I'm busy writing at the moment and am likely to be hit by an idea anywhere I shall be carrying this around to make notes. 

They say that good things come in threes - well I am the lucky one! 

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Spent a few hours up at the allotment this morning. While Paul dug the fruit beds out I levelled out the veggie beds and prepared them for planting. 

I'd been to the market yesterday to get some seedlings and got a little carried away... leeks, lettuce (3 types), brocolli- some red and some green, artichokes, peas, broad beans, and celery. Well I thought I'd over-bought until I got them planted early this afternoon, and although they look great they only take up a little of the whole plot that we have.

I also did a test bit of the irrigation system, which won't be up and running until we get our water tank sometime this week. Luckily it rained this evening and more is forecast for tomorrow so the plants should be okay.

This afternoon three banana trees were added to the plot and the footings were dug out for the base of the water deposit which will need to be on stilts to give pressure for the irrigation. The plants were also watered in manually. 

It won't be long before i'm writing about all the wonderful products we've grown. How I love working on the land, contact with the soil and nature. 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Free falling thinking

Morning at the market and a coffee, bumping into friends, chatting. 

Afternoon writing. How I love that as a project started runs away with me. I could hardly stop writing, but don't want to overstretch my muse- or perhaps I'm just a little lazier than we thought. The story really is falling into place and if you want to check out the first scribblings check it out here - A new adventure

A bit of work in the garden - love making contact with nature, wherever and however it may be.

A cup of early Grey and some ginger biscuits. waistline disappearing as quick as the biscuits, but hey ho...

Evening- jacket potatoes and homemade coleslaw, yum. As the oven was on decided to throw together some muffins (banana, cranberry and oats). 

ON the telly -Strictly come dancing - Ben Cohen topless- a feast for the eyes. If you don't know who he is (and why?!?!) check his images out on google. 

Heating on - warm cats and cuddly dogs.

Maltesers to snaffle while I type. 

No wonder my jeans are tight these days -just re-read what I wrote -food food food obsession. 

Friday, 1 November 2013


I wasn't sure whether to write about the allotment today or about my writing.. as you can see below 'writing' won out...

Today being November the First the Annual nanowrimo challenge has begun, and today I have started writing the sequel to my children's novel.  At the moment I have written just 1,747 words, above the day's goal and well on my way. I was a bit worried about the story flowing, but so far so good. I had an initial idea and it's growing. I just hope it continues to do so during the month. If you're a follower of my Writey-Ho blog I may just be posting the occasional snippet up there during the month....

Here's how the stats stack up at the moment... (one of my writing buddies has already written over 7000 words!)

Talking of Writey-Ho I have even made time to post a short story up there today too. A bit of a cliff-hanger as usual, but a story that as soon as I started to tap away on the keys virtually wrote itself. I do like the 'tales of the unexpected style of writing' -leaving my readers keen for more.  you can find today's post here:  FRUIT. 

And for those of you patiently waiting on 'The Quest for the magic Key' I can tell you that once I have the cover design back from Alan I shall be sending it for publishing... Hopefully you should be able to get a copy before Christmas.