Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day Four

Now the more observant amongst you will have noticed a day missing since my last post, well yes you're right -Day three in bed was spent reading and watching a couple of DVDs- having finally got the DVD player working in the bedroom. Oh and another nice surprise visit from Sue, this time with Jordi and lily, and a delicious pack of Chelsea buns- I could get used to this lark!

Yesterday I picked up a 'new' book -  'Valley of the Templars' by Paul Christopher. It didn't immediately grab me, but by chapter five or six I have got into it.

And once the TV was set up I settled down firstly to watch the Celestine Prophecy DVD. I had read  the book some time ago and wasn't sure if the film would live up to the enjoyment I got from the book. Well firstly it had some eye candy - good start - Matthew Settle and Thomas Kretschmann, and secondly it wasn't half bad, although a little Hollywood treatment had been applied, and reminded me of the insights. If you've not read the book I would suggest that the best place to start.

After that I watched 'Never let me go'- this is another adaptation from a book, which I read earlier this year, and thoroughly enjoyed. Both the book and the film are thought provoking. again I enjoyed the book more. It allows you to work out the 'plot' yourself, whereas the film spells it out more clearly. However it was a fairly faithful adaptation and yes I enjoyed it.

So that was yesterday.

Today I've been up a bit more, but still find sitting for too long painful, but things are moving in the right direction. Today I've been indulging one of my passions from the 70s, still on DVD. I've been watching a series from 1976 - The Rock Follies. At the time I was gripped by Rock Follies fever, and now, even though the series is dated and the singing isn't brilliant, I am loving every episode. I still remember most of the lyrics from the series songs (yes I bought the LPs at the time) and have been happily singing along. I'm not sure if the series ever made it anywhere else in the world which will mean many of you are wondering what on earth I'm going on about. It starred Julie Covingon (who went on to record the original version as Evita), Rula Lenska and Charlotte Cornwell. I was about 16 at the time of the series and it gripped my teenage imagination.

Tonight I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with '>the Duchess of Duke Street'... all much to Tony's amusement. I'm not sure if this one left the UK shores either, but is a kind of Upstairs Downstairs tale. I just hope it lives up to my memories of it. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day two

Although I managed to get to the bathroom first thing this morning I have still not felt sufficiently comfortable to move out of bed as yet. Thus I have spent another day lazing around.
The bed rest,  painkillers ttherapy seems to be working as I am able to move in bed with a little more ease. Lying down is good. Standing up is good. It's All the bits in been that hurt. 
Today I've spent a load of time reading again and if course chatting online through my phone.
Around lunchtime Sue dropped in bearing gifts. .Marmite from her event UK trip and tiramisu from the local supermarket.  It was lovely to have someone to chat to face to face.
Despite a painful back I am perfectly fine and almost enjoying this period of forced rest.
This evening Tony has agreed to fix up the DVD player so I can watch something uplifting or escapist.
He's currently throwing together some gourmet dish for dinner. 
Counting my lucky stars that I've got him and of course wonderful friend whether online or fave to face.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bed rest

As I picked the cart box out of the car this morning whilst taking Tom to the vets I felt a very painful twinge in my back.  By the time I got home I could hardly move. Since then I have been lying here in various states of pain contemplating amongst other things my naval.
Here's my current view of the world.

Dear Sue,  on Facebook,  suggested back pain is to do with feeling unsupported often financially.  Well or finances aren't a worry. ..I always believe that if and when we need money it will come to us and it does but otherwise she was spot on the Mark.  (Pun intended).
I always see myself as a pretty independent person, sometimes overly so,  but there are times when even I appreciate being supported.  Recently this doesn't seem to have been the case,  whether real or perceived it feels real enough.
Whilst talking this through with hubby I suggested it was time no entered my vocabulary in a more pronounced way. He said that wasn't who I am.  No I said. No it's not. 
Anyway aside from being confined to bed for a while I am feeling fine. .. and the silver lining. ..I get plenty of time to read and plenty of cuddles from Cuddy who is guarding me from the other animals with subtle growls when they try to jump on the bed. 
Hopefully I'll be up and about again soon. ..

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thursday Thoughts of gratuitude

Xali and Cuddy refused a walk this morning - not sure what's going on there- perhaps they thought I needed a rest? Thanks guys

But didn't get one really - had to go into town to Dr Oscar's as R2 was out of his special 'urology' biscuits. Lovely walk in the heat. Lovely chat with Esther at the clinic, and made vaccination appointments for all the cats at the same time. I am so grateful we have such a great Vet and assistant!

Lovely chats - on-line and telephone - with great friends  - lucky to have them in my life.

An afternoon of reading and dozing - Bill Bryson's 'Mother Tongue' about the English language - captivating and not so captivating in equal measure, but interesting throughout, and siesta. Doing things I enjoy -Lucky me

Oh and some time spent watching the cats playing and rolling round in the garden- they really get the mix right! Four monsters that I love to bits.
Photo: Like if this makes you smile!

Dinner - home-made veggie pie, chips and red wine & onion gravy - followed by banana and yoghurt - full to brim. Delicious food - another passion fulfilled for the day.