Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NaNoWriMo Winner

 A few more milestones were passed in the TulStig Camp today:

First of all I wrote my first Poem -which you can find on a previous blog. All a bit of a surprise really, as so much of this writing process does seem to be to me.

Secondly the 50th copy of "The Magic" was sold. Janey may be sick in bed at the moment but she's been doing her bit at the UK headquarters!

I also completed the proofing of "Winner" and had it verified by the NaNoWriMo Site, and am a 2011 winner!!

I have started the process by which 'Winner' will be published also. This morning I received a proof copy of the cover from Alan, and am thrilled again. He really captures the tone of the book without even having read it. It is amazing and I look forward to sharing it with you all in the next few days once the publishing process is completed.

Hopefully now my life will settle back into a more normal rhythm. I'm looking forward to starting the sequel to 'Winner' but for now I have a few more projects to sort out.

I Believe!

After saying I can’t write poetry I awoke this morning at 4am with this running through my head, so got up and scribbled it down.I eventually got back to sleep at about seven and then got up half an hour later, ah well when the muse is upon me!!

I believe

I believe there are Magical Days
I believe in my Spiritual Ways
I believe my life is on track
I don’t believe it’s always good to look back.

I believe that true love is strong
I believe true love can Never be Wrong
MY beliefs are deep founded and True
My beliefs are exciting and New

I believe I am here for good reasons
I believe in the tides and the seasons
I believe that the day follows night
I believe that at the last everything’s right.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Done and dusted and yet still doing ..

Last night we had a real blast in Sitges at The Cafe Montroig where I was signing copies of 'The Magic'. It really was great fun sitting around playing at being 'The Author' as friends popped by to pick up copies and have them signed as well as chat about the book, hear about my new one, and have photos taken.

Afterwards Tony and I enjoyed  slap up dinner at the Chinese restaurant just round the corner, before driving home.

My other big news of the day is that I have today finished the writing of 'Winner'.  Altogether around 64,000 words written in 27 days. Not bad for fledgling writer. I've loved writing it so much. This evening after penning the last line I sat on the sofa and said that after the proofing which I have already started I will take a break. At which pint a voice said but here's the first chapter of the sequel. It was so attention grabbing that I grabbed a pen and wrote it down by hand. Tony even assisted adding detail to the sketched idea. I daren't open a new file on the PC just yet or December will be full of me writing instead of taking care of business, such as preparing for Christmas. So tomorrow I shall continue the proof-reading, and in my spare time when not preparing lessons and doing the other usual Monday stuff I shall be designing and preparing the TulStig Christmas card too. Tony has suggested a design I just need to work it out.

It seems creativity is abundant in the TulStig household at the moment, just as requested from the Universe .... this law of attraction is something else!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


The usual busy day here in VnG and at Casa TulStig.

Spent the morning shopping with Sue- supermarket stuff, so nothing of any real excitement. Did a bit of washing and prepared a delicious pea soup for lunch.Then an hour's siesta- ahh how I love my way of life here.

Followed that with a bit of writing. Then school for a few classes. Tony's not been feeling too good so took himself off to bed early. This meant I have been sitting here at TulStig Comms central writing for the last hour instead of watching the usual same old TV programmes. And yes I've reached that magic number, well surpassed it in fact. My total number of words for the novel is now 50,731.

I've still a bit of the story to finish -another half a dozen chapters, but hopefully I'll manage this by the end of the weekend allowing time for proofing and tidying up before submitting the whole story on November 30th.

So I've made the number, but not yet finished the story... onwards and upwards, but for now I'm off to bed.

Night all.....

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New -Right wing- Government

After Sunday's elections in Spain we now have a right wing government. The Tories are in power, and already they're flexing their muscles. The new Prime Minister, Mario Rajoy, has petitioned for the reversal of Gay marriage laws. To say I am incensed is just abut right. One of the reasons we feel so comfortable here is because of the equality we have so far been afforded. We married in 2007 in a ceremony equivalent to any other citizen of Spain. IT seems that our new PM is against equality. I can't imagine he will be well supported here in Catalonia, and has already ensured we will not support him in Casa TulStig. If these are the first rights to be eroded ho much further will the new government go. They were elected to improve the economy - how does reversing our rights do this? It'll be quite the opposite- No Gay marriage = no Gay celebration of gay marriage = less money going to hotels, venues etc etc etc.
Watch this space for further news.....

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Just Flow...

Life is amazing isn't it?!

Today I received an Oracle Card reading from Michelle, which basically told me to accept myself in full and allow the flow.

Today I started an on-line course with Sonia Choquette - it's a free course so if you want to sign up click on her name. What was the message for the course today- Basically to acknowledge your spirit and let things flow.

I chose an oracle card for myself- yup you've guessed it I have been advised to step up and allow things (the universe) to flow through me.

So what have I been doing today - I've been allowing the writing of 'Winner' to flow and flow it has. I've been allowing this process for the past few days, and it's working well. I'm throwing out over 2000 words a day. I'm at over 43,300 now. To start with I was worried if I'd be able to write enough in the month to get to the 50,000 challenge total. Now I'm almost at the minimum requirement and I've still, or rather my characters still, have a lot to say and do. Now I'm worrying if I'll get to the end of the story by the end of the month. Worry not I am telling myself of course I will get there. As to what the ending is I'm still in the dark. Today a development caught me off guard, and I love it

Sunday, 20 November 2011

A 'Winner' day

No prizes for guessing what I've been up to today. 'Winner' is coming along nicely, flowing like a novel even, and I really don't know where the words are coming from. Characters appear in the story almost of their own bidding, and almost as soon as I've scribed their name I know all about them: their pasts, their family history, their desires and more. The only thing I don't know is where they are going in this story. . It really is uncanny. I'm almost an onlooker as I type. The story is coming from a part of my brain hitherto untapped , and a part that is unconnected, disconnected from the rest of me. AND ... as you may be able to tell I am loving it.

Today I wrote almost 4,000 words and have about 11,500 to write. This story, however, will not confine itself to just the 50,000 prescribed by the challenge. I know there are more words than that I need to write to tell Joey's story, but I'm just leaving it to the other part of me to decided what happens, when and how and just where and what the ending will be, which incidentally I still have no idea about.

For now I'm off to my bed to dream my dreams of success. For last night I did just that. I dreamt I went into a shop here in VnG and asked if they would stock my book. They agreed without question and wanted nothing in return except friendship from the author. The Universe is working on my behalf, even in my night dreams to make my day dreams come true.....

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Lunch with friends.
Writing and TV.

My Saturday in a nutshell.

A great end to a wonderful week.
It seems my star is in the ascendant at the moment. 
The sales (and pre-orders) of the Magic are currently at 47 - I just need to sell three more to make my target.
The writing is going great guns. The story is pretty much writing itself, although I'm still a little unhappy with a few chapters or bits of chapters which need improving, I am more than happy with the way it's all falling into place.

I have loads to be grateful for, and that's just what I am. Who wouldn't be?!

Friday, 18 November 2011

43 - 33414

Drama at the TulStig Household this morning. During the washing machine spin-cycle the kitchen started to flood and we had a bit of clearing up to do. All the cupboards under and next to the sink had to be emptied, dried out, the things from inside washed and dried and put back. Now that wasn't on our agenda, but did mean that the cupboards got a good clean out and everything was cleaned.

Leaving Tony to get on with the job, once it was started I set about packaging up some of the 'The Magic' books ready for onward delivery. Afterwards I dropped in at the Post Office on the way to school. Books are now winging their way off to Canada, Ireland, the UK, Finland and Sweden. One slight error on my part, or the post office's, the postage turned out to be more than they had originally said meaning I have only made 10 cents on some of the books! But hey ho it's all a learning curve. Prices have today been revised. The good news is that the total I have now sold (and/or have confirmed orders for ) is at 43 - not too far off my Christmas goal.

And so to 'The Winner' - today's word total is 33414 .-I have written just over 2,000 words today and am still very happy with the way things are going. I am still amazed at how real the characters feel to me. A couple I have taken a disliking to, even though it's me typing the words it's their characters coming through- how weird is that. Fortunately though they have brought it on themselves and they wont be lasting much longer in the contest!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Grateful of VnG

This morning whilst walking the dogs in the fields I threw my arms open wide and shouted "I am ready for whatever the Universe has in store for me". At just that moment two magpies flew over - Two for JOY!

Arriving back home the UPS man had been and delivered 25 copies of 'The Magic' for onward distribution. The morning I had mapped out was instantly changed from working on one book to the promotion and distribution of the last one.  I spent the morning sending e-mails and advising prospective buyers of payments amounts and methods. I then spent some time packaging up some of the books ready for delivery.  It was during this process that the enormity of what I've done hit me. Seeing all those books with my name on, sending info and dealing with the 'business side' of writing a book brought it all home. I took a breath (as advised in an e-mail from Nick) and shouted out thanks to the Universe for helping me to realise this dream come true. At last I really felt like a writer.

This evening I took some copies along the school and sold them all to the other teachers, as well as picking up a couple more orders.

During all this Joey's story had another 1000 or so words added and is moving along fantastically. Over the weekend, although I'm working Saturday, I want to spend more time pushing it forward. I'm loving writing his tale, and have even realised that some of the other characters have their own stories to tell -Thanks to Janey for pointing that out.

Walking home from work along the quieter stretches of road I was telling the Universe out loud how grateful I am for helping me, when a voice spoke up and said "Did you think I had deserted you, Do you think I'd ever desert you?" It may have been in my head but I know just who it was, and who it still is. I am lucky enough to be aware of my guardian Angel, and lucky enough to benefit so much from his help. THANK YOU.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Decisions need to be made

Life goes on as normal here in the TulStig household, whatever that really means.

It's been a wet day here today, I've done some shopping, Tony's done some ironing (Whooo hooo!) we've both had a siesta and some good food, I've been to school and then of course during a couple of hours this afternoon I was writing, but I'll get to that in  a minute.

Each day I get a sales report from Lulu (The wholesale book printers) and today they sent me an advice that I have now sold ten books on-line. I have a list for another 23 copies on order here which are on order and will be sent worldwide once They arrive. That's a total of 33 books towards my goal of 50 before Christmas. I've also just had an e-mail from a friend in Brazil saying he would like some signed copies... things are looking good for the Magic.

So, The Winner... As I write this blog my hero is jetting off to a secret location for the next part of the competition, and here's where my decisions are afoot. I've created some really likeable characters, and soon will have to eliminate them from the competition. I know they're just names on paper, but to me they are all real, and I'm worrying who to eliminate and when. I've even weighing up the pros and cons of each persons ability within the competition. Tomorrow the axe may have to fall. Will it be Dion, or maybe Stan that has to go, or have the Ladeez plus one gone as far as they can go in this contest? Well I'm giving it over to the universe for the night, and am making sure my notebook and pen are beside the bed for any night-time revelations.

And do you know the best thing about this story? - well it's the support I'm getting from each of you my dear friends. Thank you. It's not just the writing that makes me feel like a writer it's all of you too.

Monday, 14 November 2011


Where do I begin? This writing lark is such a blast. I'm still enjoying the typing part of the writing and then there's the promotion and sales which is going great guns. This afternoon I had a class in an organisation in town. I told them about my book and they've agreed to stock and sell it for me too. What a result. The stories going really well and the characters are developing, and I'm still spotting resonances of friends or parts thereof in them. I'm also pleased that I've now got 26493 words of the necessary 50000. But I think the story could be a bit longer than that.

Watching TV this evening. How on earth have I found time to do that too? Tony's been enjoying his soaps and I've been watching on from the Pc desk - living in tow or more worlds at a time is something I'm getting used to.

Did anyone see Eastenders. Phil (one of the characters in the soap for non-English readers) was freaked out by a photo he found- when we saw the photo we were close to convinced it wa me- it was taken in the 70s and looked juts like a photo we have of me in the garden at home with one of my rabbits. I even had the same jumper as the boy in the photo was wearing!

Then Corrie- what a tearjerker that was. One of the characters was facing having to have his sick dog put to sleep. The vet came in and said 'you can cradle him if you like'- Ouch. I was thrown back to Brockley as Chasca died in my arms. I've been bawling like a newborn again. How much that hurts! 

So now I'm off to bed to cuddle up with Xali and Cuddy now, oh and Tony of course!, but before I go I shall leave you with a little more of Joey's story:

This is a continuation where I left off yesterday....

I’m given number 12791, which I take to be a lucky sign as it’s my date of birth. I answer all the questions that are thrown at me and fill in a form, signing some disclaimer or other, and I’m sent to the much shorter queue to get inside. My nerves are now fired up another gear.

The last time I was at the O2 centre was to see ‘Think-on’ in concert. I must have been one of the only guys there. The place was full to brimming with screaming teenies who knew nothing of the group’s previous incarnation, and swaying oldies who knew all the songs from years ago.  Of course I wasn’t the only guy there, and amongst the others was that cute hairy-bear-type who was probably about thirty, but as sexy as hell and got us into an almost compromising situation when we exchanged intimate handshakes at the urinals. He blue-toothed me his details, so I soon had his name, and a few days later shared much more with him at his place in Kensington, where I am now living. It was him who encouraged me to come here today, so here I am.

Joey Fischer
Born on the wrong side of the tracks, according to some, Joey Fischer was actually born in a local hospital, but soon after moved to the council estate referred to as the wrong side of the tracks by judgemental villagers with too much money and time on their hands.  Joey’s mother Doreen, idolised her son from the first moment she saw him, and transferred all her love from the other man in her life, Patrick, to her new bundle of joy. Joey’s birth was a pretty routine one, if any birth can really be called that, but it was also a fairly sterile one. Joey’s father did not attend, preferring to await the imminent arrival with a few of his mates down the ‘Red Lion’ – his local pub.  Doreen had asked him to be there but he claimed squeamishness and cried off. He hadn’t even gone with her for any of the pre-natal scans.  All along the way it had been Joey’s Nan, his mum’s mum, who had been there for her daughter and then to take hold of her first grandson as he screamed the maternity ward down making his entrance into the world.

Joey wasn’t an immediately pretty baby, but within a couple of weeks he had filled out and soon the neighbours that had referred to him as Doreen’s monkey were calling him ‘Doreen’s handsome young man’.  As a baby Doreen had an inkling that her son was different to all the others and that greatness awaited him, but if she ever shared this thought with any of her friends she was always told: ‘all mothers think that, Dee’.  It was only her mother, who shared Doreen’s thoughts about her blue-eyed boy.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Friends and writing...

A day spent with friends, real , online and in a book is always a day well spent in my opinion.
I started off the day at the PC with friends on-line, answering e-mails, facebooking and promoting my book amongst other things. I am pleased to say that sales are going well at just over thirty copies on order or sold directly from the website.

Returning to my other favourite place in the house - the kitchen I baked a few muffins, and made some spicy lime pickle.

Liam called as he was at the sports field down the road watching Rugby so we invited him to drop in for a cuppa and a muffin. A few minutes later he was on the doorstep. We spent the afternoon in the garden talking about angels, energy and experiences. Liam recently had a serious car accident so we were really pleased to see him, almost back to fighting fit, and spend some time with him.  A little later Denise popped in with Pilar, for more chatting and Oracle card moments in the garden.

After they'd all gone I returned to  my virtual friend Joey in London, and his quest for stardom.  I'd got a bit behind with my writing what with celebrating 'The Magic' yesterday and working etc, but am now back on target with a word count of 25,555. Have you noticed Janey how those numbers 5 are back! 

So, you wanna sneak preview of Joey's story? I have been asked to give an insight into the story by giving a bit of the tale out now so here's the first couple of paragraphs. All comments gratefully received... but please be kind!

ONE - Waiting

It feels like I’ve been standing in this queue for ages, but I guess it’s only an hour or so in reality. Besides I’m the one who decided, with a little encouragement, to come here and join the snake of a thousand, and then some, hopefuls. At least the queue has been gradually moving forward, although so slowly it’s almost unnoticeable.  The noise the crowd is making is incredible and at times deafening. At times  I’m wondering what on earth I’m doing here, and at least twice I’ve almost jumped the barriers and run off to the closest pub.  It’s baking hot under the midday sun and a pint seems infinitely more enticing that standing in this queue for the next hour or so. If I gave up now though I’d never forgive myself and I'd never know just what I really am capable of. What a way to spend a day off!

The front of the queue and the registration desks are now in sight as I stand here in my best, and I must say arse-huggingly sexy jeans. I’m sure they show my packet off to my advantage too, judging by the number of times I got cruised on the tube on the way here. I took my time choosing what to wear this morning, not sure whether to play the little-boy-lost card, or to go for the stud with attitude look. I think I’ve settled somewhere in between, anyway I’ve never quite managed ‘attitude’ without looking dumb, and as for stud that’s a story for a whole different time, and probably age-group, but I guess I’ll get round to it before my story’s told.

So here I am, as I said in my best and remarkably creaseless jeans, a polo shirt that hugs my pecs as well as the jeans do the job downstairs and I’m as nervous as hell, but I have a good feeling that things will go right. It’s that gentle buzzing sensation down there that usually comes before a special night out that’s making me feel on a pre-show high.

Okay, now I am at the front, just a couple of over-blond Essex girls in front and I’ll be there, registering.  Hang on a minute: just before I move forward I’m stopped by the delectable Russell, The Pop-Sensation presenter, who asks if I’ll have a chat with him on camera.  He’s as good looking up close and personal as he is on the box, and he wants to talk to me. Of course I agree to chat with him. He tells me to relax and just be myself, then the cameras are rolling and we’re chatting like we were the best of buddies. He asks me why I’m here, “Duh” I think but say “Because I’ve got the voice, the looks and the talent to win this competition”. His reply is along the lines of how confident or cocky, which as he says it I’m sure, or do I mean hoping,  he’s checking me out, well my trouser-shape anyway. I’d heard a rumour or two that he batted for the other side that I can only hope is true. He ends our on-camera chat by wishing me good luck, and as the camera pans away to the crowd- he gives me a hug. Now I know he’s not really interested as the hug is at arm’s length only –no body touching just the way many straight guys try to impersonate intimacy with their gay friends. Once again the crowd is shouting the inane chant they’ve been shouting on and off for the last few hours and Russell is off to chat to a leggy brunette in the tightest black dress you can imagine. I’d take a bet now that she won’t get the arms-length hug. Despite my nerves I feel that old familiar stirring as I watch Russell moving away, and have to quickly think of crossword solutions, or nuns in prayer to prevent anything embarrassing being apparent as I approach the crotch-level registration desk.................................................

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Celebrations as sales lift off...

After a short night's sleep, I got to bed around midnight, and was awake at five, I got through my morning's classes without too much effort. My second class is a proficiency (Highest level of English) class all wanted to know where I was with 'The Magic' -I had the copy in my bag (as they'd asked before) so showed them, and they all want a copy.

After school Tony and I met up in town. It's the November Trade fair here, so there was a lot to do and see in town.  Then we had lunch on the seafront, and celebrated a little more- well maybe a little too much, as I was definitely headed towards tipsy as we made our way home. No matter it's the first time in an age since I've drunk hardly anything.

When I got home I checked my mails and messages, and on adding up all the book requests and sales on the Internet so far  am pleased that they have 'flown off the shelves' so far- 24 copies ordered and /or sold, and not only that across the globe- Canada, USA, UK, Finland, Ireland, Spain and Australia. Frankly I am one happy bunny!

This evening I've even managed to write a few more words for 'Winner' which is panning out really well.

Friday, 11 November 2011

A day to remember

On so many levels today was a day to remember.

First there was the obvious- Armistice Day remembrance going on.

Second. For us it has always been a sad day. This was the day a few years ago that we had to ahve our first dog (as a couple) put to sleep. She had a malignant tumour and nothing could be done for her. The vet came to our house and she died in my arms. That was perhaps the worst day of my life. She as our (my) baby and I still knw that I haven't fully got over her loss.

Today we are lucky enough to have been able to add good memories too. This morning whilst I was at a meeting at school my book arrived. When I got in it was there on the table waiting for me with a pair of scissors with which to open the package, and a bottle of wine with which to toast its arrival. The celebration was a little tinged with sadness- How I'd have loved for mum and dad to have been around to see my achievements.

Then just as I had opened it the phone rang. It was Janey to tell me that everything had gone through for the settlement of Dad's estate, finally, and she had put my share of the money into our account. WOnderful news. To at last ahve closure on such a sad and difficult ending.

Sitting in the garden Tony and I toasted: First: Our darling Chasca. Second: The magic of the Camino and my entry into the world of writing. Third: Mum and dad for adding to our financial security, and of course to my wonderful sister in law for telling us the news and her hubby my wonderful brother.

Those of you who know me well will know that I didn't get through any of this dry eyed. But at least now this day has more balance to it- sad and Happy memories.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Out with the old, in with ....

the new windows.

Today we had all our old windows replaced with lovely warmth retaining new ones.  The guys doing it were so efficient it only took them a few hours to do the 4 windows and the French doors.  Our old doors were all traditionally Spanis, wooden with shutters and had gaps that let the cold draughts in, but we have loved them for the last twenty or so years, but knew it was time to change. We placed the order about a month ago and over the past few days I've been having dates about removing the traditional and replacing with new. I was worried that they wouldn't look right ion our old-fashioned home. Almost as soon as they were in though they looked perfect, and what's more no draughts!! The French windows used to have wooden panels halfway up so the animals couldn't see in. The new doors have glass all the way to the floor, and they are finding this very strange. Just a  couple of minutes ago Cuddy was standing outside in the dark peering through the doors at me here typing. How I love our animals and the way they entertain us!

Here are the before and after shots. (For the life of me I'm not able to move things around to make it look any better.) 
Kitchen windows:
                    BEFORE                                                                        AFTER

 French Doors to the living room:
                   BEFORE                                                                        AFTER

And so to the writing.  In between keeping the cats and Cuddy out of the workmen's ways I did manage to get a bit of writing donw, and then have done a littel mroe since arriving back from school.
I've now got 21,460 words- am whizzing along to the halfway number.
Today a new character appeared from Joey's past that I hadn't even considered before, but there he was ready to help out when Joey and his friends started to get into a tricky situation in the Plaza on Oxford Street.IN the same scene another friend cropped up. This time much closer to me than to Joey. Ah the intrigue of it all!
Yesterday Tony said that joey had a lot of me in him. Today I was asking Tony what he thought of a plot line and suddenly realised I was referring to Joey as I- wow a Freudian slip- Is Joey me? Hmm I can see some similarities, but we are NOT one and the same.

R2 Plays fetch

so here's the video I tried to upload last night: 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

This morning we had a bit of a drama as the washing machine refused to empty on the spin cycle. This meant that we had to pull the machine out, but first of all empty the shelves and cupboard that rest atop it. We eventually managed to disconnect the pipe at the sink and cleared the water from it. Drama averted, and at least it meant that we could give the area behind the macing and cupboards a good clean out- every cloud ...as they say. R2 was also delighted as we found his hairband. Now this is a ting elastic band thingy that he's had since he was a tiny kitten and it's one of his favourite toys, but as it's so small it's always going missing under things. He spent the rest of the morning wandering around shouting. That's just how happy he was. Then when I settled down to type he insisted on  a game of fetch- YES R2 plays fetch, and I took a video to prove just how good he is at it (Which seems to be taking so long to upload that I'm fed up waiting so have cancelled and will retry in the morning! -Check back tomorrow for the amazing Errydos)

As for the writing- can't go a day without mentioning that really can I -I'm now just over 19,000 words, even though I seemed to have so little time for typing today. The story's still flowing nicely and the heroes of the piece have just acquired a couple of pets!

And for now here's one of three of ours in a loving circle: 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A run of the mill day, or not....

Just another run of the mill day here at TulStig Towers, as if there is ever such a thing. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful days!

Started off a bit different when Tony tried to get out of bed and strained his back, so decided it would be best to stay there for a while, while I sent a bit of Reiki. Meanwhile I did some washing, walked the dogs swept and mopped the tiles inside and out, stripped and recovered the sofas (not as incredible as it sounds, just removing the covers and throws) made some lunch, let the Gas man in for a service revision, prepared some lessons and well that was quite enough for a morning's work.

When Tony got up we had lunch- a delicious vegetable curry soup. Then I settled down at the PC to write. Tony settled down to proof. He says he's enjoying the story and commented that some of my characters sound very similar to some of our friends.  Interestingly I had made a  few connections myself, but one or two of the characters I thought were originals but after he pointed out the similarities I was a little surprised, and he was  right. Interesting -Are you in my new novel? We both are!

I'm just off 17,500 words now and still ahead of the game. Still enjoying writing, and still hoping to finish in time.

Through Facebook, today, the wonderful Michelle did me a 'Face-Forward' oracle card reading, which was quite amazing -  My present is full of abundance- I could no more disagree with that than fly to the moon. My immediate future is 'beginnings' - changes are afoot. That's just what I've been feeling lately. Exactly what they are I'm not sure but I know there will be some. And for slightly longer term future (3-6 months) Grace and Delight which suggests the new path I am choosing will be one of wholeness. Michelle ended the reading with the following:
" My sense is that you will live from a place of harmony (grace + delight) and 'change it up' as your nature demands so you keep things interesting and creative. The underlying 'essence' of Mark will be steady, consistent, in integrity and whole." - How much better could that be? Thank you so much Michelle.

Yesterday I received a wonderful package from Australia-  Michelle has carried out a past-life reading for me as well as the online card reading and recorded it to CD. It's sitting here beside me on the desk as I promise myself to make some time to listen to it. I'm sure it contains some incredible insights, and messages from my pre-ME past for the future me.

Life is good. I'm not sure what I did to deserve all this wonderfulness but as sure as eggs is eggs I am more than happy things are so great.  As I started so shall I finish: Just another run of the mill day here at TulStig Towers, as if there is ever such a thing. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful days

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday fun

We knew today was going to be another wet one so decided before we went to bed that we would have  little bit of a sleep in. Happily the animals agreed and we didn't get up till nine o'clock this morning. Sure enough it rained throughout the night an is till raining now. Nonetheless I still took the dogs out and they both had a great time running in the rain- as did I. It's a real treat to see Xali running and jumping. as he gets older I worry about him. He's twelve so hopefully we've still got a another couple of years together at least.

When we got back in both dogs proceeded to dry themselves on the furniture, despite our protests. They and the cats then spent the rest of the day relaxing as you can see from the photos.

I on the other hand have been busy with my usual scribblings.  I have managed to take my story a little further forward and now have just over 13,000 of the needed words. That's just over 20%. With my new printer I've printed off everything written so far and Tony's been busy proofing and making the odd comment or two.

I've put the story to bed for the day now, but ideas still bounce atround in my head- I think it's become a bit of an obsession, but a good one I have to say.

This afternoon, whilst I've been writing we've had the 'Vintage Channel' on the box. How good was music back in the 70s, 80s and even for part of the 90s?
We've been playing the 'guess the year' game and not been too bad at it either, especially with the songs that are connected to well grounded memories, like this one by Candi Staton -How I remember grooving like a mad thing in the school hall at our Christmas discos. Today I've just been shaking it down all around the living room, while Cuddy joins in and Xali looks on and wonders!!  

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Update from last night -we met Pau and Denise in Sitges for a Chinese and had a great time, even though the rain was on and off torrential. During dinner talk turned to my new novel, and I got some great input on a couple of things I was looking for.

After work this morning I went on a tour of the local shops looking for a printer, and got a good bargain- still using Epson, just an updated one. Only thing is I still have over 20 unused cartridges that work with the last printer. I've fired off an e-mail to the supplier I bought them off asking if we can do a swap and hopefully they'll agree.

So now I've managed to print off what I've written for the NaNoWriMo for Tony to proof while I carry on writing. I'm still enjoying the writing and allowing whatever to happen to happen- and today I had a bit of a surprise in the turn of the tale- but all good! 

Friday, 4 November 2011


During the night there was yet another storm with an unbelievable light show in the lightning and an incredible amount of water in the rain! This was about 4.00am and went on for 30-45 minutes at least. I eventaully got back off to sleep only to be woken by the alarm getting me up for today's big task - the car ITV (MOT).

Just before I left the heavens opened again. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad omen, but am pleased to say the car passed.

When I got back home I took the dogs out for a walk in the rain. Cuddy loved it, Xali not quite so much. THen went off in search of a new printer all to no avail. The shop assistants weren't in a selling or helpful mood so I decided that I'd not share my wealth with them and came home empty handed. I shall share out my money closer to home- there has to be somewhere in town that'll have what I want. Or otherwise I'll internet shop.

This after noon I had a couple of hours classes, which went by without incident.

All this has meant that Joey's been abandoned until the last couple of hours. We're off out to dinner in Sitges tonight- back to our favourite Chinese, so I wanted to get a few words down before feasting. I am pleased to say I've managed a few words, and am now at just over 10,000- a fifth of the way there, and things are still going well. I've stopped for today and will celebrate the work so far whilst we are out.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wet, Wild and Wonderful

We've had even more rain here today. After not having any for a couple of months we've now had more in the last few days than in the whole of summer. And it's not just rain! We're having the wildest storms you can imagine. NOisy with bright lightning. To be honest it's all quite Wonderful!!

Today's been a busy day. It started off with an early appointment at the Docs for me- I needed to change my cholesterol medication. It just doesn't seem to be working very well according to my recent blood analysis.  Then after a quick wet walk in the fields with Xali and Cuddy we rushed off to Sitges for Tony's dentists appointment. His new teeth have settled down fine and he's no more appointments for the next six months. While he was in there I did a bit of supermarket shopping, then read my book in the car whilst I was waiting.
By then it was lunchtime. So I threw together a broccoli and spinach cream soup- yummy, yum!! Time for a siesta.

After an hours sleep I was refreshed and ready to return to London with Joey.  I wrote for a couple of hours before work an am still ahead of the game - just a few words short of 9,000. SO I'm very happy with the progress and with the story. Fingers crossed if it carries  on as well as it's been going I should finish on time and even have time for a bit of editing - any offers for help with this process gratefully accepted.

Tomorrow I'm off to get the car its ITV ( AKA MOT in the UK) then I'm off to the shopping centre to find a new printer so I can print off the novel for Tony to start proofing.

Can you tell I'm really enjoying the writing, and still enjoying life to the full.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

7138 and counting

Yes -that's the number of words so far in my novel. Today wasn't quite so productive, but that was because life kinda got in the way. Tomorrow is likely to be less productive again too as both Tony and I have appointments in the morning which will get in the way, and of course I'll be working again tomorrow night. However none of this is stressing me too much. I know there are a couple of free weekends during the month with no commitments during which time I'll be able to really run with the story again.

So the story: Winner. It's about Joey Fischer who takes part in a national singing competition, meets new friends, has some intense experiences and gets put through the mill a bit.  I've no exact plot to how things are going to happen and am letting it just flow. So far that's working for me. I've still got my notepad beside the bed as often ideas burst through my sleep and have to be noted down or I'd forget them.

Once again I'm really into the story. I was writing an emotional bit of Joey's life today and was so close to tears myself that I had to get up for a bit of fresh air. If I can impart that emotion to my readers I'll be more than happy.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day One - NaNoWriMo

Today was the first day of the NaNoWriMo challenge to write a novel of 50,000 words during the 30 days of November.
I knew I would need to be organised to achieve my goal for today of 3,000 words, so got up early and set about organising myself.
The first thing to do was trim my hair- it's not a long task these days and helped make me feel more ready. I followed this with my daily shower and then fed the cats and dogs, walked the dogs, had breakfast, changed the bed and put a wash on and put it out... and I was ready.
Taking a seat at the PC and firing it up I decided to check out how everyone else was doing first so signed into Facebook and checked my e-mails. After checking the messages I decided to sign out of both so that I wouldn't be tempted to waste time when a message flagged up.  I took out my notebook and set to.
The next thing I knew it was lunchtime and I'd written just under 3,000 words - goal achieved.
After throwing together a soup for lunch, Tony had gone out to buy bread, we settled down to snaffle it all up and follow that with a short siesta. I'm rubbish if I don't have a siesta on a busy day, and I was surprised at how tired I was after a morning's creativity.
When I awoke I had a nice cuppa sat back at the PC to up my total for the day. It's now almost 8.00pm and I've got just over 5,000 words. I'm leaving the file open, just in case I decide to write more, but am thinking that may be it for today.
Happily I'm well ahead of the game (I actually need to write 1,667 words a day every day during the month) so am feeling quite satisfied with my first day's achievement.
Tomorrow I'm back to work sop will have to allocate soem time during the morning for both planning my lessons and for my writing. Can I do it- YES I CAN.