Sunday, 29 April 2012

Walking and stuff

Today was a beautiful day -despite weather forecasts to the contrary.

Having walked Xali first thing I put the washing out, that I'd set off when I went out, then picked up my rucksack and set off along the coastal path to Sitges.  IT was a warm and beautiful walk and I so enjoyed it, being the first time since I have walked since having a gammy leg and back. Fortunately I had no pain along the way, or have I had any since.

Arriving in Sitges I was supposed to meet Denise and Paolo, but they were caught up with a dog found loose near their house, so were just over an hour late, which gave me time to read more of my book out in the sunshine whilst sipping an ice cold beer.

Returning home Tony had prepared a delicious soup, after which I picked up the laptop and wrote a bit more of 'Winner Too'.

This evening we have spent the evening watching TV together.

Tomorrow is a holiday here so another great day looks likely... but for now here are a couple of pictures of the walk, and if you'd like to see more go to my google plus album (click the link or one of the photos to get there, then scroll down)

  Leaving VnG
 Broom in flower -memories of the Camino
 The sea was a little wild this morning
And the Pay-Off on arrival in Sitges

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Such a perfect day- I want to share it with you...

Another wondrous day here on the Costa del Brill (play on words in English and Spanish there!).

This morning I woke up and (as per my recent reading) told myself I was going to have a great day. In the shower I sang feel-good songs (Everything is beautiful, Oh what a beautiful morning etc) and imagined myself being showered with everything I could want. In the mirror I told me I loved me (felt a bit odd, but kinda good too). I even said hello to my belly and thanked the Universe for giving me the food to create such a girth. (also a bit odd, but hey I'm going with it). Walking the dogs I chatted to them, and any live creature that came by thanking them for sharing my morning etc etc, AND.. GUESS WHAT - I HAVE had a great day.

After walking the dogs I popped down to the market, texting Sue on the way. She and Jordi were also on their way out so after I'd bought some delicious looking Strawberries, and a couple of kilos of vine-tomatoes we met up for a coffee. It was lovely to see their new little family altogether, although poor Jordi looked wiped out -Liliana didn't sleep well last night apparently.

Walking back from the market I marvelled at how much better my back and leg are- just a week ago even the thought of walking back from town would have been agonising.

For lunch we were invited to Julie's- she was making risotto- Oh oh- I really don't like risotto- However I promised her I would give it my best shot - I promise you not, Julie, I really did enjoy it. I think I may have tactlessly mentioned that I had never had a risotto I had enjoyed before -but this one was tasty -I even had second helpings.

This evening we've been watching the box (at least until the signal cut out)- Britain's got talent has had me in tears again- I so love it that these people are being given a platform to share their talents. And now it's pouring with rain- just what the garden needs, and we've been sitting watching it, as the TV satellite signal has dropped off. I have to say it's the perfect end to another perfect day.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Good days.

If I said almost all my days are the same at the moment, or at least similar it might sound like a negative comment- but it really isn't - All my days are good and as  I allow the Universe to work its magic I feel so much more comfortable in them.

Over the pas t couple of days I have been communicating with a contact in Kent, UK about illustrations for my upcoming children's book, which I hope to be writing during the summer, or at least making a good start on it.  We have pretty much agreed terms, I now have to send her a scene description for which I want an illustration to make sure we are 'on the same page' (pun intended).

I've spent more time today doing things I love- I've been busy in the garden- with all the loving care I'm giving it we should have a great 'show' this summer. I've been doing more reading- and that's really helping my frame of mind, and step by step will impact on my life. I've held a belief in the law of abundance & attraction for some time now, and any reinforcement of that can only be good- nope it will be great!

Oh and finally for the foodies reading this today's lunch was a totally delicious spicy lentil dahl soup, with lemon garnish.

and this evening we're off out to dinner in Sitges again- Drinks in Montroig first followed by dinner at The Wok, Chinese restaurant.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Another day well-spent.....

All go again at TulStig Towers.

This morning Tony had his usual check up -all stats okay -low on calcium a bit but cholesterol dropping. While he was getting his updates I went shopping in Sitges Carrefour with Sue- it's the first time we've managed to go shopping together since she gave birth to Liliana, so it was quite a treat for all three of us. Afterwards we went down the seafront and had a coffee before returning home with our goodies, which included a couple of cherry-tomato plants.

Lunch today was a delicious bowl of Asparagus soup- made with delicious fresh asparagus, and with the great weather we're having at the moment we had it in the garden again.

During the afternoon I settled down and started a new book - Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson's 'You can create an exceptional life'. Starting it I wasn't sure it was for me, then all of a sudden I was there in the book, and loving it. It validates my ways of thinking and is reminding me of how I want to live my life- basically in a positive way, and full of creativitiy. at times I get stuck and need a reminder of what I need- this book is leading me back onto this track and reminding me of my path. I'm sure I'll be telling more about this book in the next few days' blog posts....

Today we had a delivery from for Tony. A few days ago he told me he'd like one of the choppers like Nigella Lawson uses, so I did an internet search found one on Amazon and voila: today's delivery- A new chopper for Tony, and here he is with chopper in hand: 

And this evening Tony's culinary skills have produced another ultra-tasty dinner. Veggie burgers with alll the trimmings, chips and mushy peas with red wine and onion gravy. So for anyone on a diet look away now and resume reading tomorrow....

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Had a lazier day here today, but fairly productive. 

Of course there was the usual housework, and a few school hours, and today I've been researching 'The Camino Primitivo' as my walk for this year looms closer and closer. I had put it on the back burner and had even forgotten how far I was going to be walking- It's just 280 kilometres this year.  Today I've been checking out the slopes and the albergues, and as far as I can tell they all look worth a visit, although one looked  a little dodgy. Well I'll not go on about it for now as there will be more of this over the coming weeks. However I must just mention my technological advance for this year- I've bought a 'Dictaphone' to take with me to talk to and intend to be writing about my adventures sometime later in the year. Of course I'll be updating the blog as often as I can whilst on the road too.

For lunch today we didn't have our usual soup. Instead I had a bocadillo de tortilla de patatas  with tomato and rocket - Yummy. Tony who was feeling a little off colour earlier settled for a cheese and tomato sarnie.

However this evening we've had one of Tony's signature dishes- Chilli, and yup it was just as hot as ever!!  Served with Jacket potatoes and a salad on the side, and cottage cheese as a cooling agent.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Busy, Busy

Phew - busy day here at Casa TulStig. 

My day started early with an appointment at the hospital at 07.30 to give some blodd for analysis- let's see how the new meds are doing, and if my cholesterol level has dropped. Results in about three weeks. 

On returning home I walked the dogs before heading back to the hospital to pick up our next prescriptions, then on to the supermarkets.

Shopping at Aldi and Lidl filled up an hour or so. I managed to get nother bargain oin bulbs for the garden (35 for 3 euros!), so back home to plant them.

I then go ta call to ask if I'd cover a class for another teacher who had called in sick, so didn't have quite the relaxing afternoon I was expecting.

Next job to plant up the bulbs I'd bought. No worries. Then made a minestrone style soup for lunch, which we enjoyed in the garden.

After a little break it was time to hit the streets and make my way to school. On the way to my first class I dropped in at the Carpenter's to se if the quote for replacing our doors was ready. It was and on first look it looked reasonable. However Tony has since pointed out that it doesn't include making them taller (I often hit my head's on the current door frames) -I'll have to pop back and chat again ( at lest the man there I'm dealing with is easy on the eye!).

A few hours of classes all over with and home again to a delicious veggie Spaghetti Bolognese ready for me when I got in- you can't complain about that can you!!

All this and the Chelsea Barcelona match this evening - no I haven't started to watch footie -but love it when UK teams beat Barça just for the chance to wind up my students!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Saint George's day

Or as we say here in Cataluña -El Dia San Jordi, where it's an important day in the calendar. It's traditional here to give roses to the lady you love, or a book to the man in your life. 

I started the day off well with a couple of slices of toast slathered with the homemade strawberry jam I made yesterday. Then I did a few bits and pieces round the house before meeting Sue and Liliana for a coffee and natter down the road in Granja Neus
 After a good chat and catch up I walked back up the hill home for a delicious green veggie soup.
 This afternoon I had a couple of classes so walked along the Rambla to see the rose stalls and the book stalls, all overlooked by the Giants of VnG.
 Ah yes- VnG on another fiesta day -anyone getting the message why we so love living here?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

In a JAM

After walking Xali this morning (Cuddy wouldn't leave the house -she hates the sounds of guns that we get around her on a Sunday morning- hunting!) and tidying the house, and a bit of gardening I decided that I would make good use of the strawberries that Tony bought yesterday and make some delicious Strawberry Jam (BTW all my jams are delicious!!)
So here's the pan bubbling away, and what a fantastic aroma it filled the flat with.

And here are the jars all ready for cooling. Unfortunately just after taking this pic I clumsily dropped one of the jars making one hell of a sticky mess. Still there is still plenty for us! 

I've spent the rest of the day writing in the garden, moving inside as darkness threatened. 

All in all a day doing what I love- what a life I have. I love it!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Is food my life?

Most of tonight's post is about food and what I've been eating recently (perhaps I should have maintained my other 'foody' blog).
Last night we had one of our favourite meals - Rice,Peas and gravy. Nothing cordon blue, but something we love all the same. Last night I had it with Potato Salad and Rocket. At this point I was going to insert a photo of said dinner, but it seems the memory card wasn't properly inserted in the camera, so here's one of Xali and Vinci in an intimate moment.


Today we've been to Beverly Hills (an American Style restaurant on the main Rambla) with Julie for lunch, as we were both working this morning it seemed like a good plan, and indeed was. It's been an age since we lunched together.  Starters of mixed veggies fired -yummy and a pasta dish for me for main course- nice but not wild. Tony had a burger (yes he's off the veggie wagon these days) and Julie had a Californian Club Sandwich, all washed down with a  little wine. 

Tony had been round the market before meeting us and had bought a tray of strawberries (I feel a Jam making session coming on), some tangerines (Marmalade perhaps) and some tasty looking plum tomatoes.

And just this minute I've just had a delicious Cheese and Ham Toastie - Yes veggie products are getting better and better here, and more available, although the veggie ham here is not as good as the stuff I usually buy in Sainsbury's in the UK.

But to end I just want to mention the counter up in the top right of this page- yes it's now less than two month's before i set off for Oviedo an my next Camino. This week I had an e-mail from Vueling who I am flying up there with, to tell me that the flight time had changed. I'm now leaving BCN at 7.30 in the morning which means I have to be there for 5.30- now that creates a logistic problem- looks like I'll have to get the night bus, unless anyone fancies an early morning trip to the airport.
On the same/similar note my credencial arrived (forwarded by Janey) this week- This is my passport for the Camino and gets me into the albergues. Step by step things are starting to come together.... and yes one of my concerns for the walk is what will I eat....

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Meatballs for dinner

"What on earth" can I hear someone exclaim "is this veggie up to eating a plate of spaghetti with meatballs?" Whilst others will already have realised that I am talking veggie meatballs- still not sure what one calls a meatball when it has no meat in it? A vegetarian meatball doesn't seem right does it, and a veggie ball sounds like a party (ehem). 
Anyway we were more than pleased to find that our veggie burger place in the market is now doing veggie meatballs and veggie sausages too. And all at reasonable prices. At last we are starting to be served with what we want. 
I was a little worried that the veggie-balls might be too meaty tasting, but they're not and Tony made a delicious tomato and herbie sauce to go with it all that suited them just right. All this meaning I had two big plates full and went to bed well full.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Synchronicity rocks!!

If I had any doubt that I was on the right path, making the right decisions during the past couple of days I have been getting prodded to notice the signs as synchronicity and the law of attraction fit around my dreams and needs.

I have in the last couple of days made contact , thanks to the help of our great friend John in Kent (UK), with somebody who may be interested in doing the illustrations for my upcoming children's book. I have seen soem for her drawings on the net and they are just the kind of things I am looking for. Fingers crosed this relationship flourishes and my book too....

Today we went into Sitges for the morning, banking stuff mainly. It's great though as our Bank Manager is also a friend (and former student of mine) - so not only is our bank account in good hands we get a chance to catch up too. Toni, for that is is name is so helpful. Today he sorted out the refund for the Spanair flights I had booked for the Camino- Spanair went bust a while back and I thought I may end up out of pocket. Whilst we were with him, enjoying a coffee in the cafe next to the bank, our mutual friend , Pilar, phoned him on his mobile for a chat- almost a telepathic reaction for us all to be together.

Later on at school just before my first lesson I was thinking about something else and when I went into class my first student mentioned the very thing I had just been thinking of as if she too had a telepathic link with me today.
Okay now to conjure up some more magic -Seems what I think of comes to me- now isn't that just what the law of attraction says.... 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Another weekend gone...

So there went another weekend. Isn't it unsettling how quickly time passes, particularly for those of us with more miles on the clock.  

Friday night we decided to pop into Sitges for dinner to our fave Chinese restaurant of the moment.  ON the way there the clouds across the sea looked amazing so I just had to capture the image as best I could.

Saturday wasn't a great day weather wise, but we made the most of it by catching up on some cleaning, and even had time to do a bit of writing and reading. I managed to finish 'The half of a yellow sun' - a great book if you're looking for something to while away a few hours.

Spring is bouncing into life here, and yesterday I took the plunge to start revving things up in the garden. I needed to renovate the screen on the roof (tick); plant the tomatoes and cucumbers (tick); sow some grass for the cats (tick), sow other seeds (tick) and generally tidy up the whole yard (tick).

Tomatoes an Cucumbers all in tidy rows, in front of the renovated screen.

How satisfying to have got done all the little jobs I set myself for the morning. However there a slight downside- all the bending, pulling and stuff meant that I had a bit of pain in my back and leg again by the end of the day- but I put on the heat pad and all was (and is) well.

In the evening Paolo and Denise joined us for dinner, although Denise's strict diet regime meant she stuck (more or lass) to the steamed veggies, whilst the rest of us chowed down on Leek, potato and parsley pie with veggies and onion gravy, followed by strawberries and crams. A perfect end to a near-perfect weekend.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Birthdays, English and doubles

First of all I must give a big shout out to sister in law Janey a it's her birthday today.
Happy Birthday Old Thing.
And here's a pic of the Game bird with another game bird - daughter Amy.

I may not have mentioned this before but I really do love my job, particularity when it challenges my knowledge of my language. Most of my lasses are advanced classes which test me from time to time, as well as a couple of intermediate classes and a proficiency class (high level) which regularly makes em think. Today I've also had parent-meetings, which I don't enjoy as much, but at least they're over for another year.
BTW -how good is your English? How many of you can complete the following within 12minutes (approx time allowed at exam level) You may need to enlarge the piece to read it. (you can do this by right clicking it and saving it to your pc then printing or enlarging the image)

Walking down the Rambla after school this afternoon I was checking out a young man coming my way and was surprised at his likeness to Nick. He was such a doppelgänger that I almost went over and hugged him. The features were so similar right down to the tattoos. It really was one of those surreal- is it- isn't it moments. Texting Nick the details of the encounter afterwards has given us both a few giggles!

The 'real' Nick:

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Wet Thursday in VnG

I start the day my face a frown
The weather concurs - the rain pours down.
Nothing's shifting much today
My lack of oomph gets in the way
Yet friends have gathered round to chat
and raise my mood up from the flat
Now afternoon time I start anew
to do the things I like to do 
To read my book and write a bit
or even fill my blog with wit
And take some time to watch the cats at play
as they find a place to hide away....

On days like this I need to remember I am the master of my own ship and responsible for how I feel. But isn't it great to have wonderful friends around who can lift you up, sometimes without even thinking about it.  They may be spread to the corners of the world but today from Australia to London and points in between friends jumped in to lift my spirits; some consciously others less so, by just sending me inspirational e-mails or messages on facebook. 
For such friends I am more than grateful and just want to say I really do love you all.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Sometimes reality and my writing gets a little confused. And it's not just me! Yesterday, as Tony was doing the first proofing of the first half of the Winner sequel. later when he was watching the news he said he was almost waiting for news of something in the book to come on the screen- I'll divulge no more as I don't want to give up any spoilers.

Today I've been back in the zone and have written another couple thousand words. At first I felt a little lost as to where the story was going but stuck with what I was typing and hey presto, one of the  characters said something that fitted the 'scene' into the rest of the story so well and gave a launching pad for the next part of the book too. Have faith in your work 'young' man I told myself... it is going where it should be. 

As a little tester/taster I sent the first few pages of 'Winner Too' to Nick and Janey as I knew they had both finished 'Winner' and I wouldn't be giving anything away. As anyways first 'putting my words out there' was a bit scary, but I should have trusted as both came back with positive feedback. I now just need to get on with the writing, so they can read the finished product.

If you've already read 'Winner' and would like a teaser of the sequel let me know and I can send you the first few pages too. If you haven't finished it yet I'll not send it to you as it gives away some of the original story. And if you haven't even bought, or started reading 'Winner' yet- the big question is WHY? Get over to now and make a present to yourself.

I'm hoping to finish and publish 'Winner Too' before I go on the Camino again in June......

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Nick's  comment's on the blog this morning set me to thinking about our youngest family member.
In July 2009 I picked up what  I thought was a dead kitten covered in ants, that had been left by the local bins, that immediately started to scream. This began a couple of months of 3 hourly feeding day and night. I was knacked but in love with the thing in the picture below. The vet doubted he would survive the night, and advised he was undernourished and about two weeks old, way too young to be parted from his mum. Nearly 3 years later this young man rules the roost -well he tries to from time to time, but the other lads keep him under control. He is extremely loving and this morning surprised me with his obvious love of Marmite- there was some in my moustache after breakfast and he was delighting in licking it off- now doesn't that just show how much in love we still are. Yeah from time to time I swear about the little 'ratling' as we sometimes call him, especially when he wanders round the flat during the night opening all the cupboard doors, but hey ho you can't have everything, and it is slightly amusing, and defo clever.

From 2009

To today

BTW -the three names in the header are all names ascribed to this little (over-sized) bundle of joy.

Monday, 9 April 2012

All things Bright and Beautiful...

After our trip to the garden centre yesterday we intended a quick stop on the seafront for a coffee and a spot of people watching, but as there is currently a fair taking up one of the free car-parks and as there were hoards of people with the same idea we could find nowhere in sensible walking distance of the cafes to park. So we just came right on back home again and set to in the garden. 

As Julie had helped us in with the soil we were all set to replant the gardens for a riot of colour in a few weeks. This year we have decided to go with mostly Cape Daisies and ground cover plants in an attempt to stop the cats from using the soil as their toilet, although I'm not too hopeful.

Once all the plants were planted- well mostly of them as I still need to do a bit of DIY on the structure on the roof before I plant the tomato plants -we then took a well earned break and relaxed to enjoy the fruits of our labour.  

The sun was bright and my boys are beautiful:

 Sprout enjoys the sun ion the middle of re-planted garden.
 whilst R2 supervises from the arbour bench
 And Tommy watches on from the stone bench...
And Vinci simply dozes in the warmth of the sun.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nice nuts...

Yes I do like a double entendre - I am a child of the 60s and love all things carry on and 'round the Horne'- and don't get me tarted on the merits of saucy postcards.....
However this is a serious comment on the progression of spring here in the camps (Spanish for field but so much more apt I think).
The trees have finished their blossoming an are now fruiting already, well some of them are- the almond trees in our barrio are doing just fine and are loaded down with nuts:

Every day the countryside appears to offer up more delights for me to peruse whilst walking with Cuddy and Xali. A few days back I posted a picture of a couple of poppies, now the field is teeming with them:

So today we are planning a trip to the garden centre again to make our garden/patio/yard (call it what you will) more blooming lovely....

Friday, 6 April 2012

A Good Friday...

Here it has most definitely been a good Friday for us.

I started the day with a leisurely walk through the fields with Cuddy & Xali. When I got back I started to put together the Mona cake I have been making for Julie. Yesterday I made the sponge base and the butter icing and a couple of chocolate eggs for assembling today. The Icing went well, but when I tried to fix the tow halves of the egg together it started to melt in my hot hands, and I started to get a bit stressed. Finally it all came right and when I gave it to Julie later she was thrilled:

Lunch today was at Julie's place down in Cubelles. She was testing a new recipe on us, as sent over by her mum in New Zealand. We started off with Leek an Potato soup (Vichyssoise- yes Olga that is what it is called!) and followed that with a courgette pasta mix, which she was slightly disappointed with, but was delicious.

Last night was the usual parade around town. From our church the 'villagers' drag a couple of platforms around the town. One has Jesus on the cross, and the other has Mary his mum on. These are preceded by a band made up of local youngsters, and it is all done at slow speed in reverence for the solemnity of it all.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's raining, it's pouring....

Yup the old man is snoring- taking his afternoon siesta, so whilst I wait for my mona to bake and my eggs to harden (Fnaar) I thought I'd update t'blog.

  • April Fools Walk in Sussex & buffet.

Last Saturday I flew into Gatwick for a few days at Andrew and Jane's house, primarily because we had organised the, what looks like will be the annual Sussex pre-Easter walk.
Everybody involved turned up in good time. Jan got a little lost but was only at the end of the road so we were out of the house and on our way just before 11.00am.
Our first stop was in Fulking, at the Shepherd and dog.  It seemed right to walk about an hour before breaking just as we started each day on our Caminos. It had been many years since I had been to the Shepherd and of course it had changed. It has almost all been renovated, losing a lot of its old charm, but nonetheless it was still a suitable place for a stop, before climbing the Fulking Escarpment.

This is quite a steep incline, which caused some of our party a little aggravation, and it forms part of the South Downs Way, which Jane intends to walk next year.  However we all made it to the top without incident, and enjoyed the views it afforded us of the Sussex countryside, which were spectacular.
Along the ridge we traversed next, passing the Upper Beeding/Truleigh Hill Youth Hostel, to a steep drop just before stopping at Tottington Manor.

This is the Hotel Caroline & I managed just over 30 years ago. We worked here with Hatty and Rosie, and many assorted chums.  To say it was a 'Fawlty Towers' experience would be both over-rating and under-rating it at the same time for differing reasons. It was hard work but great fun.
We were met here by Carla, Nick and Frankie for a quick and refreshing pint, before we were back on our way for the last and short leg back to Andrew and Jane's place for a spot to eat:
Before I left yesterday Jane and Kerri were already planning a route for next year, probably to include Shoreham.

  • Shopping with Janey

Well I kinda think the picture says it all- We just enjoy our shopping trips and always end up being silly!!

  • A family Day out in Chichester & Arundle

On Tuesday Andrew took a day out of his busy schedule and we had a day out in Chichester. We started with a bit of shopping around the old town shopping centre, and stopped for a late breakfast at Greggs the Bakers, where they make the most delicious veggie Pasties:

 After a little more shopping and a car trip around the edges of Arundle Castle we stopped  at a little pub by the river Arun, but unfortunately as we hadn't booked the couldn't fit us in -all the tables were full, apart from the ones outside, but by now it had started spitting and had cooled down too much for our liking. SO Andrew drove on to a little pub in Houghton called the George and the Dragon, where the service was very friendly and the food delicious- now for me that's a huge compliment as although I'm not fussy I do too often think  'Ah I could have done better at home!'.

  •  A Cuppa with Hatty & Rosie.

On Monday Jane and I had to pop into Steyning (where I went to school) to do a bit of banking and as I had spoken to Hatty the day before we arranged to meet at the Steyning Tearooms. Jane and I arrived first and took a seat, soon to be joined by Hatty, Rosie and Rosie's daughter Amy.  I hadn't seen Hatty for over 10 years, and Rosie and I hadn't met up for about 20 years. Needless to say we had loads of catching up to do., and the conversation flowed. The waitress didn't appreciate our custom, and was less than friendly telling (or rather growling at) us 'Can I take your order now, as you area big party and we're going to be busy in a minute". Later on Annie and Julie joined us (Julie I hadn't seen for about 25 years!)- The waitress was most put out that our party had increased and checked with Annie and Julie 'Are you going to order then'- we decided she must have gone to a wonderful charm school!! The place is very well decked out but the prices and surly service mean we won't be returning there again. Hatty and Rosie have now promised to pop over to Casa TulStig for a break soon. Julie also wants to visit and with a bit of luck she'll drag Annie over with her.

  • Family Nonsense.

Whenever we get together Andrew and I usually have a least one round of giggling like kids till we cry. Well we did just that again. On Monday evening we had the leftovers from the buffet (Kerri's chilli was even better the next day!!) so bought some tortilla wraps to have with them. Andrew, being a slightly fussy eater, didn't want any of the usual buffet fare so had a cheese and onion pasty and Ham wrap.
During dinner we got the giggles over something that if I could remember it wouldn't be funny now, but all four of us (Amy joined us) were laughing till we cried. 

  • A new addition at Tottington Drive

Since Jane's cats passed away she has had a hankering to get another. Recently one of Andrew's clients: a Cattery (Cat's boarding kennel) had received a visitor- a kitten. The cattery traced its owners, and found them to be quite uncaring of what happened to the kitten. o they took him in and Jane got in contact with them saying she would like to take him.  On Wednesday morning, before I flew home, Jane and I went to pick up Bertie, as she named the young man. He's a delightful chap and so friendly. He's settling in quite well,, but doesn't like being kept in, which Jane has to do for a while or the little blighter might just wander off again.

  • Home again

As Always its nice to go travelling, but just as nice to get home again. I managed to stuff my case with loads of goodies once again - Marmite being the most important.  Toady it's been raining most of the day, and I've been catching up on some of my PC chores and stuff, as well as making Easter Eggs and a Mona cake for Julie. I'll probably update n how that all went tomorrow.

But I think for now that'll do. As you have seen I've had a wonderful little break and now am looking forward to a relaxing Easter weekend.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Home Again

This is just a quikie update to let you all (both?) know that I'm back home in Casa TulStig after a fantatsic stay in deepest Sussex.

I intend to do a full update tomorrow which will include:
  • April Fools Sussex Camino & post walk buffet
  • Shopping with Janey
  • A Family day out in Chichester and Arundle
  • Meeting up with Hatty & Rosie
  • Family nonsense
  • A new addition at Tottington Drive! 
  • Home again
And for anyone (anyone??) waiting on the most recent TulStig Newsletter I'll be finishing that off in the next couple of days too- I really ran out of time before I left for Blighty!! 
For now here's a teaser photo of the April Fools day walk: