Monday, 31 October 2011

54 Days to go.....

Watching the TV over the weekend I was flabbergasted at the amount of adverts for toys and games -and it was at that moment that I knew Christmas really wasn't so far away. Yes- just 54 days away. My Gast was also flabbered at the prices of the 'toys' on offer. Gone are the days of wooden forts and a stocking stuffed with fruit and maybe, just maybe a bar of chocolate.

Tony's reply to what he wants for Christmas was the usual 'peace on earth' thingy, which doesn't help me much as I'm staring in shop windows either. We tend to buy each other things throughout the year so come Christmas getting pressies is made all that more difficult.

I'm not sure what we're up to this year yet. Tony's visiting his mum over the weekend of the 10/11th, but apart from that we have no other plans laid down yet.  However I have been net surfing- I'd really like a tin of quality street this year. The tins that were available here last year were tiny and so expensive so I thought I'd take a  look on e-bay. They have a 1kg tin for about a tenner plus another six quid for postage so, although that works out a little pricey it looks like it'll be the best way for us to get a tin to snaffle whilst we're watching her Madge!  There's still a few weeks to net-surf some more to see if there is a better deal to be done,so if anyone knows of one do let us know. BTW many companies won't deliver foodstuffs from the UK to Spain. 

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bollywood Nights

Last night we went to a theme night in a restaurant up in the mountains. IT was a curry night with Bollywood films being shown and after the dinner we were treated to a couple of Bollywood dancers strutting their stuff -Followed by an impromptu dance lesson from them too.
The curry as excellent- It was a mild curry as the Spanish can’t handle spices- but there was a chilli sauce for adding- which I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were two veggie choices, and two meaty ones, as well as the usual rice, poppadoms and pickles.

The dancing was great to watch and Paolo even joined in with the ‘lesson’- Is he graceful - NO comment - but he did give us a laugh.
The films were amazing and a little crazy, and full of buff men.
We were asked to dress accordingly if we could, so to get an idea of what we could wear I Googled ‘Bollywood men’ under Google Images and uhummm decided I couldn’t live up to any of them really! (How many of you have just Googled the same?!?!). Incidentally my ‘safe-search’ is ‘off’ so I got a little more than I bargained for!
However we did our best and looked good enough I think. Paolo was going to wear his cricket whites but in the end chickened out!

Another TulStig Blog

Well here I am whiling away my Sunday morning on the Internet trying to see if I can find a satisfactory home for my daily blog.
SO far I'm liking this site- just need to check out the personalisation aspects and I may well be staying here.
Who knows I could find a permanent home for my ramblings after all....