Friday, 30 December 2011

Books and bookings

Yes I'm back to talking about two of my favourite subjects:

ONE - I'm really pleased to see some reviews appearing on the Lulu sight, and even happier that they are all praising' The Magic'. I'm also happy that sales of 'Winner' are tarting to filter through too. I've just ordered some copies so if anyone is after a signed copy they'll be available early in the New Year. And as for the Sequel it's coming along nicely. How happy am I to be back in with my characters.

TWO - The Camino. It's a little under six month's before Nick and I set off on 'El Primitivo'. (Sorry to remind you Janey- I know you long to be walking with us!) -and as I was surfing the net today I decided to book us a hotel in Oviedo so that we have a comfortable night before setting off on our Way. It's called the Husa Gran Hotel and is right near the Cathedral (which is the official starting point) and is part of a group Tony & I have stayed in elsewhere in Spain. There are great room-sales going on at the moment so I got a good bargain. As the cogs of the year start to grind over I am readying for another wonderful adventure. Already I can feel the excitement and butterflies for what we are planning... Whey Hey- here I go again!!!

Back in the Office....

Today I received my first royalties payment from They pay a month in arrears, so I've been paid for the books (The Magic of the Camino sales) sold up to the end of November.  It wasn't a fortune- I can buy a few glasses of Cava!! but it makes the experience all the more real.

Incidentally The Magic is now available on too - but there it is only available at full price. For discounts is always the best place to go. The 20% discount I organised when it was first published still stands and from time to time Lulu offer other discounts that can make the actual price even cheaper.

I've also been at the PC today for an hour or so, reworking the first couple of chapters of the new book. I want it to be a sequel to 'Winner' but also want it to be a stand alone. In the first draft I had introduced characters without them being properly introduced - if that makes sense. Anyone who reads Winner will recognise them, but otherwise you'd be saying so who is 'Josh' for instance, so I had to add a bit in to clarify what's what and who some of the cahracters are. 
I've really enjoyed gettng back with the process and the characters, and although I was worried the story might not flow after a break so far so good.
I was also unhappy with my original title, so this afternoon Tony and I brainstormed a few ideas, when he came up with the one I think I will be using, but for now that's under wraps - I want to be completely happy with it before revealing what it will definitively be called.

So I think today we can say House of TulStig Publishing is well and truly back in the office!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Yesterday being a pretty lazy day I found myself sitting at the PC playing time-wasting games on Facebook, when I suddenly thought ' Hang on boyo - you've more important projects to get off the ground'. So I opened a new folder, opened a word document and started writing the sequel to Winner... I've completed the first chapter- easy, and started on the second. Doubts have dropped by, but I'm pushing them aside. I've not written today, and have rather too many ideas banging around in my head- I need to sort some out and get on, but for now I'm allowing my head to bubble away and see what brews.....

Today we've been down to Julie's for lunch. Tony popped down town this morning whilst I changed the bed, did some washing, dismantled the table and stored it away, tidied through and answered e-mails and messages.  Julie's food was delicious and watching the sea through her windows whilst we ate was magic. All her cats came out to see us too, so we were well honoured. Seeing 'The Magic' on her coffee table was a little surreal- it seems that book is getting everywhere!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas at Casa TulStig TWO


This morning we had a walk along the beach with the dogs. We normally do this on Christmas day, but as we were busy cooking we didn't mange it yesterday so treated Cuddy and Xali today. It was a lovely sunny morning and the dogs really enjoyed running mad on the sand, even making friends with a couple of other pups running about. Cuddy found the deepest part of the storm drain and jumped in. She was soaked and then got herself all covered in sand. So we had stop at one of the seafront cafés to have a coffee, before letting her back in the car.

For lunch we had a delicious cauliflower and blue cheese soup (cauli left over from yesterday). In a bit Tony's making bubble and squeak for dinner, after we've finished watching 'The Wizard of Oz' again. Yes I've been welling up- well Somewhere over the rainbow has been our song for so long now, and 'There's no place like home' -I know this and don't even need to click red slippers (which is just as well as I don't have any).

I/We have had a wonderful couple of days, and a most wonderful year. 
For Christmas I got some lovely gifts - my favourite -a Parker pen from Tony- he got it for me as he said all authors need a quality pen !

Christmas at Casa TulStig ONE

What a wonderful couple of days we've had here at CasaTulStig. Here's the first installment: CHRISTMAS DAY

Yesterday we had Denise and Paolo round for dinner.  We started the proceedings with Snowballs (advocaat and lemonade) -well us boys did. Denise was on water and lemon as part of her diet regime- cooking for us all and her this year was quite a challenge. She can't eat gluten, nor most fruits, dairy, vinegars, sugars... and so on. However being the consummate professional in the kitchen that I am I came up with a menu that delighted both us lads and Ms Tibbey herself too.

We started lunch with Avocado - horseradish and tomato sauce dressing for us, and a soft goat's cheese dressing for Denise.
 Main course. Paolo had supplied a duck for himself and the animals. The rest of us had: roast potatoes, roast sweet potatoes, roast parsnips, roast turnip; Sage and onion stuffing (special gluten free home-made sausages for Desnise) & Yorkshire puddings (well risen I might add!), a host of veggies(Brussel sprouts, leeks, broad beans, Bobbie beans, carrots, espigalls, cauliflower, mashed potato, swede, peas) with an onion and mushroom red wine gravy for the lads, and a  gluten free (Garam Masala) onion gravy for Denise.

After this feast we needed a little recovery period before we tackled the pudding.  So we opened presents:

And Cuddy collapsed after all the exertions of the day
After relaxing a while I brought in the pudding- a frozen Christmas pudding - Jamie Oliver Recipe (Panetone spread with raspberry jam around ice-cream with a layer of brandy soaked dried fruit in the middle and a drizzle of warm chocolate on the top) -a bit like a cross between an Arctic roll and a summer pudding in the shaped of a Christmas pud:

During the afternoon we played a game of QI and snacked on other goodies, before Denise and Paolo had to return home to Sitges. However, before leaving we loaded them up with some of the veggies, and the rest of Denise's special sausages, then sent them on thier way.
We then spent the evening in front of the box- And if you've not seen Downton Abbey, but liked 'Upstairs Downstairs' may I suggest you get the boxed set in the January sales!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

It's been a lovely day today.

This morning we tidied round a bit and did very little else. Tony did do some ironing and I caught up on e-mails (again).

I did a bit of cooking - I made some sausages and froze them then we then had a delicious pea and cabbage soup (with a hint of mint) for lunch.
After lunch I settled down to do a bit of reading while Tony had his siesta.

This afternoon we watched a DVD I bought recently  -The girl with the Dragon Tattoo (in Swedish). I had been told it is a superior version to the one which is about to hit the screens from Hollywood. Having just read the book I was keen to see if it stayed true to the original story.  Although I enjoyed the film I have to say that it started out well, but soon changed the story from the book and even missed some of the important details (in my opinion).

This evening I've been baking again- sausage rolls, mushroom vol-au-vents and cheese slices. meanwhile Tony was wrapping his presents for me.

We're now witting in front of the telly - enjoying an old Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special - I have to say the old ones really are the best! Later on we've got a Les Dawson special too. Whilst watching we've been chowing down on the delicious cheeses Julie dropped round yesterday with the bottle of red wine she also gifted us for Christmas.

So all that remains before I sign off is to wish all my dear friends and family a Wonderful Christmas . Enjoy the day - we intend to, and I'll tell you all about it soon.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Friends and Celebrations

Last night was the Christmas Dinner for the teachers and secretaries from Supernova, the academy I work at.  Some of us finished a little earlier than others so we met in the local Sidreria (Cider bar) for a drink before going to the restaurant next door.  Now for those of you that don't know Cider is one of my favourite drinks - a nice dry scrumpy type cider- which is exactly what this bar sells and all for just €4 a bottle.

Dinner in the restaurant next door was a refined affair- yeah who are we kidding. We ate drank and made plenty of noise and enjoyed sensible (one or two) and silly conversations. I so love being part of a team,especially when I can say that I know that for the most part they are all supportive and right there when you need them. I might even go as far as to say I love my colleagues! Enough of the mushy we had a great time and I was a little sorry when it was home-time.

This morning I felt slightly fragile- half a bottle of cider and half a bottle of wine is not my usual alcohol consumption of an evening, but I drank a load of water and got on with the day. And when I say I got on with it.- I really mean that. I swept through the house and mopped. Tidying things away or throwing them away as I went. I then did the same in the garden and on the roof terrace. I planted out some pansies, put out three lines of washing, wrapped some presents, replied to pile of e-mails and all this before lunch.

Tony made a delicious pumpkin soup for lunch- I'll pop the recipe in a newsletter soon, and then he went off for a siesta, just as the doorbell went- it as Inter-flora. The lovely Michelle had sent me a bunch of winter tulips in a delightful bouquet. Now I know they hadn't come all the way from Australia, but the thoughts with them had, and I was really touched - A big thank you to Michelle for whenever you read this. Now I'm guessing some of you may be thinking I've had a change of principles as I don't usually have cut flowers in the house, but no I haven't - these have been sent graciously with love and I am happy to have received them.

This afternoon I made our Christmas pudding - it's a frozen one- Jamie Oliver's recipe -a bit like a cross between summer pudding and an Arctic roll. IT has candied fruit inside that I soaked in brandy.  I'd soaked a  little too much fruit so Cuddy and I shared the leftovers, but I think she had a little too much as she then took herself off to her basket for most of the evening until....

.......D&P dropped in to drop off Paolo's Christmas Duck for Sunday - another thing I don't normally have in the house. However it's in a tin and all I've got to do is reheat it so I'll manage that. All other preparations are well under way. Tony's going to the market tomorrow for the last minute fresh veggies whilst I whip up a few selcet items for our starters and we'll be set. On Saturday we'll be able to relax a little and enjoy some 'Us' time, and then Christmas day morning it'll be all systems go....

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Six Months

 In exactly six months Nick and I will be setting out from Oviedo on the Camino Primitivo headed for Santiago . We will have spent the previous day and night in Oviedo, and with a bit of luck will be setting off early on a sunny morning.

The Primitivo is perhaps the hardest of the Camino's and said to be the most beautiful and one of the most friendly. What with everything else I hadn't thought much of next year's walkies, but today have been net-surfing checking out pictures, blogs and the suchlike. I am really looking forward to another Camino, and also to introducing Nick to the experience.

And this will be our starting point: The Cathedral in Oviedo:

Monday, 19 December 2011

What a Weekend.

What a great weekend, that left me a little out of sorts, this the delay in this post.

 On Saturday I was working in the morning- my last Saturday class before Christmas, so we celebrated a little in the classes too. In the evening we went into Sitges. Drinks in Montroig and dinner in the Wok- delicious and in the company of my old man - wonderful.

Yesterday we went to a Mulled wine and Mince pies party at Deirdre and Alex's in Casteldelfells. IT was a great craic (as they say in Deirdre's part of the world). Halfway through the evening we sang Christmas songs and carols - I was in fine voice and even got a compliment on my deep voiced singing. I was a little surprised as I can hardly hold a note but do sing loudly like nobody's listening!!

Today Tony and I have been shopping, separately, getting those little things in for Christmas. I've had one class, and since then have been getting caught up with internet stuff. Tomorrow I plan to make more mince pies for my older students to try- they'll never have had them before and I'm not sure they'll like them, they are part of my plans for festive classes - so we shall see. 

For now I'm off to my cosy bed. It's colder here now- yesterday night it went down to 9º -the first time it's gone into single figures this winter.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Some 'Magic' feedback...

I've decided to use today's blog with a bit of 'own-trumpet blowing'. I've now sold so many more copies of 'The Magic of the Camino' than I thought I would and continue to have orders coming in.

Today I also see that I've sold my first copy of 'Winner' - I'm assuming that it was Nick who bought it as he was considering it as a Christmas present for a friend, but have no way of knowing, unless he 'fesses up later.

Anyway back to the own trumpet blowing.  Just check these out - Comment received about 'The Magic' so far:

Just got your book today, many thanks, read the first page and a half and felt emotional..............looking forward to getting stuck into it soon - Brian (Eire)

Absolutely delighted to receive my copy of the book this morning. It looks good and I’m looking forward to giving it a read. - Alan (UK)

 I received your book today. It looks so beautiful - even more wonderful 'in person' than it looks as an image 'electronically'! I read the back cover and felt tingles go down my spine! I can tell already I am going to love it. Thank you so much for writing it, and thank you also for signing it for me and for your beautiful inscription.  - Andrea (Australia)

Hiya Mark, just to say that I am enjoying "The Magic of the Camino" very much. What an experience! I even get a mention!! - James (Spain)

Just going to text you to say got it (the book) yesterday and just started to read it today! And I'm already going... I didn't know that! (you & Jane not getting on). Feels really weird to be reading a book and actually hear the author's voice in my head! So quite cool too! - Anna (Eire)

I'm really enjoying The Magic of the Camino (Jane gave me a copy love her). I've taken to reading before I go to sleep at night again and take it to work to read in spare time :)  - Kerri (UK)

I'm really enjoying the book and am up to page 254 so far. It's a cross between a rough guide and a journal which is great. I'd have liked a few more details of some of the incidences you mention, but wll in all the balance is just right- Paolo (Spain)
To say I am really pleased with the way it's been received is an under statement. If anyone's anything further to add I'd love to hear it....

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Waterworks n stuff

This morning I planned to get so much done before picking Tony up at the airport, but was slightly thwarted when I got to the bathroom to find we had no water. I had already turned the washing machine on wondering why it was making a whining noise, so rushed back and turned that off, then after a couple of choice expletives I calmed down and got on with it.

I gradually worked through most of the jobs I'd set myself for the morning, amazed that I instinctively went to the tap so many times for water, even though I was well aware there was none. I was struck by the realisation of how much I for one take having water on tap for granted. I managed for most of the day without it, but it wasn't a normal day. I can hardly imagine what it is like for those without water on a daily basis.

Tony's flight was slightly delayed, and I was so pleased to see him when he walked through the doors at arrivals in BCN. I always find airports emotional, even if I'm not saying goodbye. I think the buildings must store up the emotions that people exhibit whilst there, and being a sensitive soul I pick up on that every time- yes I did shed a tear when I picked up Tone!

It was great to hear news from Yorkshire and the in-laws. I haven't been back to that part of the world for at least eight years. He even managed to take a selection of good photos this year, so I have an even better idea of how everyone is doing. It was great to see his mum lookinmg well and enjoying herself (left with Tone's nephew, Andrew), and seeing Jools n Lynne's new Labradoodle balanced on Jool's lap is hilarious (below) Their other dog is a black Labrador, and looks just like Cuddy- she even has a similar collar to her!(also below)

This afternoon I've been working on the PC, before classes and was brought to tears again- One of Tony's cousins in the UK posted a 'Flash mob' video to Facebook of some carollers singing in a shopping centre.  It really doesn't take much to set me off!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Missing Him

For the first time in ages Tony has spent a whole week at his Mum's in Yorkshire. Normally he goes for a long weekend, but due to Easyjet changing their schedules he has had to travel with another airline and could only travel over 7days. He left last Thursday, and thank goodness is back tomorrow.

I enjoy time on my own, getting a chance to push myself and do things without worrying about leaving Tony out, but boy do I miss him. An ever present ear to listen to my ramblings, whether he really is listening is another matter.  A sounding board for my ideas, even if he doesn't always give the reply I'm after. We don't always get on 100% (some of you may be surprised to hear) but we do so get on. When he's here I complain he doesn't do enough, when he's not here I miss his contributions. And that's one of the reasons why my blog has been sporadic this week. A lot has been going on, but I've been lacking in passing on my great news.

First of all. My novel - WINNER - is now available in print on the Lulu site.  Or from my author's page. (That still makes me chuckle- authors page!!) I will soon put a link on our personal website too, but haven't really had time to do so over the past few days.  I love the cover which was again designed by Alan Hayes, a distant relative of mine. Writing the story was all absorbing, and at the end I felt a little bereft, until the characters started to tell me what is happening with them now. I could almost say I was missing my lead character Joey, and all the friends I made between the book's covers. If that feeling gets over to anyone else of making friends with the characters I'll be thrilled. The sequel is in my head and sometime during the Christmas break I will start putting it on paper. I feel I have many journeys to share with these guys!
If you want to buy 'Winner' I've agreed  20% discount with Lulu again. If you want a signed  copy - let me know and I'll sort it out for the New year. 

The Magic of the Camino sales have done so much better than I could ever have imagined. Michelle has done a great job of promoting me down in Australia, and has sold all the books sent over a couple of weeks back. Janey's doing a sterling job in England, and even has her hairdresser promoting it in her salon!  I've also set it up as an E-book, but apparently something doesn't conform to the required specifications, so I am in the process of revising it again before it will be passed to outlets other than Lulu.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas and stuff

This morning's first task, which I really love, was to cook up the Christmas cake. It's a special last minute, easy and fast recipe, that I really enjoyed last year, and have loved filling the house with Christmassy cooking smells by baking again today.
If things work out like last year I'll be eating most of it myself, but hey ho I think I'll manage, especially if Tone brings home a little strong cheddar to go with it, an of course the obligatory glass of port!

While the cake was baking I grabbed the pressies I bought yesterday and the wrapping paper and wrapped some goodies up  and put them under the tree. The cats and Cuddy were really interested in what was going on and a couple of times tired to unwrap my wrapping. After chiding them severely (not) I balled up the wrapping they'd ruined and they spent the next five or so minutes chasing that and each other around the room. We was having fun!!!

The next task was to finish printing off the Christmas cards. Tone took a load back to the UK to post, but one of the printer cartridges ran out, another arrived on Friday so I could get back to the task. All done now, and tomorrow after a trip to the post office they will all be wending their way to greet family and friends all over.

This afternoon after a short siesta- much needed as I twisted my back again whilst mopping the yard - I watched a teleworkshop. I found the intro a little long, but stuck with it. Then there was a visualisation- I've never managed to go there - but the suggestions and energy work I really got, and was moved enough to tear up a past life-script adn am in the process of throwing that in the rubbish for good. I am good enough!!

One of the blogs (Marc and Angel Hack Life) I watch had an update today of 30 things to stop doing to yourself.  I think the Universe was consolidating my message from the teleworkshop with this. Whilst the suggestions were almost all starting with 'Stop doing....' and I would have preferred 'Start doing...' I took the message on board.

Here's to Christmas, stuff, and new beginnings!! ....

As an aside I've just seen that 'The Help' is out now -a great book and I so want to see the film (so if you're reading this dear husband of mine.. well you get the message). And I've just seen an advert for 'The girl with a dragon tattoo' film coming out this month too. I even liked the trailers for both films -fingers crossed the film is as good  as the book. Looks like a trip to the BCN English language cinema could be on the cards this Christmas holidays.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Day out in BCN

After walking the dogs today I planned for a day out in Barcelona to do a little bit of Christmas Shopping.
MY first task was to drop Julie's glasses off at school, as she left them here yesterday evening. She popped in after work so I could help her set up an XL spreadsheet and we shared a pizza and jacket tatties. A lovely way to spend a Friday evening. 
 Getting off the train in Passeo de Gracia I walked down to Plaça Catalunya where there was a huge marquee. Inside there was an Ice-rink. I've never seen that here before and the joy emanating from inside was almost palpable. IT drew me close and I stayed a while watching people doing laps around the rink. It was really uplifting.

  Next stop was the Boqueria, the large  municipal fruit and veg market just off the Ramblas. I love it in here. The only things I can't handle are the meat and fish stalls so I generally negotiate a path around to avoid these as much as possible.  The colours are so vibrant and the people on the stall so friendly. This time of year mushrooms of various types are filling the stalls and adding their own richness to the place. I usually buy some fruit to munch on while I wander, as it's so fresh and almost impossible to resist.

Afterwards I headed for the Christmas Market beside the Cathedral. The stalls here we re just as interesting and colourful, and the Christmas spirit was so much in evidence. However the crowds were all a little too much for me so I headed off down the side streets to check out some of the smaller shops. There are so many interesting shops in this area that I completely lost track of time, and still I'd only bought the fruit to eat -no Christmas shopping done as yet. 

In one of the shops there was a splendid Christmas Tree that I couldn't resist photographing. However it was packed with people and although I'd have loved to buy some things in there the queues for the tills were too overwhelming so I have left that treat for another day.

I eventually found a  couple of my favourite shops and inside some items that were just the kind of things I was looking for, and some things that I didn't even realise I was looking for them. SO for the first time in the day my credit card saw the light of day. Ker- ching...

Tomorrow I'm planning a festive day indoors- Christmas cake to bake and other Christmassy things to sort out too.....

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Yesterday evening I had one class- one student turned up so it wasn't a difficult class. Then we went for a quick drink in the Pupot bar, before moving on to Oganquit for dinner. It was a great evening. Good food (although I was a little disappointed with my pizza- they are usually excellent, but we can all have off days so no worries), good wine, and great friends.  These aid great friends showered me in gifts- all unexpected, and all wonderful.

Not only were these friends thinking of me I also had 52 birthday messages on Facebook,  22 birthday text messages, 12 birthday e-mail messages and a selection  of phone calls and face to face good wishes. How wonderful taht so many people were wishing me well. I feel so lucky.

Today I dropped Tony off at the airport in BCN first thing for his flight to Hull to visit his mum and family for a week of Christmas celebrations.  I've just spoken to him and the weather is atrocious- wet and windy, and ultra cold. His flight was pretty much uneventful, despite having to pay €22.00 for his boarding pass to be reprinted (did I say rip-off?!!) and he's comfortably ensconced at his mum's. 

I then drove down to Cubelles to meet up with Julie, Christine and Jordi, where we were catching the train (already aboard were Bill, June and Ian) for  Cambrills. On arrival in Cambrills, and after a frotifyi8ng coffee, we walked back to Salou (about an hour and a half's walk) where June's brother has a bar and had laid on a Christmas lunch for us. The walk in the warm winter sunshine was a treat, along the seafront and into Salou Town.

Lunch was really wonderful. A full Christmas roast. Starting with Leek and Potato Soup, Roast dinner (without the Turkey or gravy for me) and ending with Apple Crumble. We all had a great time as you can see from the photos.At the end of the meal they even brought out a plate of mince-pies (the fruity ones) with a couple of candles in and sang happy birthday again.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful souls, both here and around the world.

And talking of friends around the world. Steve from Canada whop bought a copy of my book has had a case made especially for it by a friend of his. How cool is that? MY writing preserved for posterity across the other side of the Atlantic. I am really amazed and thrilled how well my book has been received. At dinner last night Paolo was telling me how far he has got (page 254 I think) and how he was enjoying it and even gave some more detailed feedback which was really great to get. I am truly humbled by the way 'The Magic' is 'flying off the shelves' and being accepted and talked about.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A day for finishing...

First I finished the conversion process for 'The Magic of  The Camino' into an E-book. It wasn't too difficult a process, but the instructions weren't too clear and meant I had to carry out the same process a few times over. I now have both the paperback and the e-book on my Lulu 'Author Spotlight' page. How cool is that - I, yes little old Mark T from Staples Barn, Henfield, has an AUTHOR PAGE- yup I am shouting it (an author page!!!! indeed). I amaze myself sometimes!! And now I've made myself giggle. Life is great and oh so funny how things work out sometimes.

Next I finished the book I've been reading- The girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I really enjoyed the book, and am looking forward to reading the sequel soon. But for now I'm starting 'Angels in my hair' as recommended by Janey and others.

And finally I'm finishing my year at age 50. In less than an hour I shall enter my birthday -not quite 51 yet as I wasn't born till around 8.00am. Amazingly I've already had some good wishes from Michelle and Kerry in Australia, where it i already tomorrow. Isn't that just too cool too.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Preparations

A bit of a christmassy day today.

First of all, after walking the dogs of course, we went of to Splau, for a bit of retail therapy. It was supposed to be a  day out including lunch, but Tony had had enough afetr an hour- well he'd got what he wanted- and we came home. Me disappointed - yeah of course, but I got over it! We did get a good look around Primark (or course) and I even found a waistcoat -which up until now have been rare here in BCN.
I spent the afternoon printing Christmas Cards, then we did the cutting to size and the signing and addressing the envelopes, then one of the printer cartridges ran out, so that stopped that little game.
I did manage to get R2 a new hair-band in Primark and we spent a goo half hour playing fetch. By which time I'd had enough of the game, even though he was ready to carry on indefinitely.

Then a little 'ME' time. I made myself a hot chocolate and settled down with my book The girl with the dragon tattoo. It's a great red, and I'm pleased that even though I'm near the end of the book I haven't sussed out the plot, which is what I often do when reading.  The number of times I've said to Tony "I could write one of these"- Oops now I have.

And on to books- I've been busy today trying to convert 'The Magic' into an E-book. I thought it would be a few clicks and viola, but no I have to re-jig the whole manuscript, so it'll take a while longer than I thought. Still it's not an impossible task, and one I shall achieve before Santa pops down the chimney. Ho Ho Ho....

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ups and Downs

Well the trees up, but I'm down.  I've hit my insomnia cycle again, and am getting only a few hours sleep, waking at four at the latest. Fortunately the next couple of days are holidays so I can take it easy, just like Vinnie is here on top of the chocolate chest (not made of but full of!). 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Book two goes to press

Today I finally finished the process of uploading 'WINNER' to the publisher's site and can confirm I now have published my second book. Alan sent me the final copy of the cover, which I love again, I finished the proofing and everything else that was necessary. I am now waiting for a proof copy in the post, after which I will release the book for general sale.

I am now getting into the Christmas preparation mode. Today I finished the Newsletter and sent that out.  Then spent a few hours printing off Christmas cards. As Tony's off to Yorkshire next week we need to be ready. Sunday we will be putting up the tree, and then we'll really be in the mood....for Christmas that is.

I think Xali's had enough already...