Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday thoughts from your Truly.

I spent the morning shopping today- a trip to Ikea in Barcelona in time for it to open. My first job was to return a small cupboard door I'd bought back in February and wasn't sure if they'd accept it after such a time, but it was no problem. Then to check out a few bargains. With a trolley-full of goodies I arrived at the checkout, armed with a 'gift card' I earned from previous shopping. I had no idea how much money was on the card so when it turned out to be over fifty euros I was thrilled, especially as with the refund for the returned door I only had to pay a very small amount. So you can see just how the law of abundance is always working in my favour- believe and it is YOURS!

Returning home with a couple of storage solutions (yes Janey I just can't resist them) Tony and I packed away the winter clothes making more space in our wardrobes. That felt good, especially as we added some of the clothes to the charity pile for getting rid of.

This afternoon I took part in a spot of sunbathing - ah the luxury of it all, followed by a bit of writing. I'm loving the way the story is coming along. 1650 words later (mas o menos) I left the characters for a while. I've even been writing a few lyrics for them to sing, or are the writing them through me? Once again they are the ones telling the story, and they want to be heard. I love it. Scarily one of them has already suggested a follow up telling their story, so that's another to add to my list...

School is gradually winding down now. For my first class this evening only one student turned up so we had a great game of Scrabble, and yes of course I won! My other class there were enough so I taught them 'The passive tense' passively- They did the work I enjoyed the process, and I'm pretty sure they did too.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Take Two

Life is good, no scratch that -Life is great. The laws of attraction and abundance are working so well in my favour at the moment:

Firstly as the school year comes to end, and with it the monthly dosh it could be a struggle during the summer, apart from my abundant belief that we are always 'loaded'. Just recently I have picked up two new private classes, both are previous students who I just happened on by chance again- but I think we all know that there's no such thing as coincidence. So that'll keep me in 'pin money'. where on earth does that expression come from? Although it does remind me that I need to get some nappy pins for the Camino just in case I want to dry my clothes on my backpack as I walk.

Writing has been flowing well this week too. Today I wrote over 1900 words before the laptop battery warning went off and I had to stop. The book is going well, and I am rushing towards another exciting ending. Do you know what it's like when you're getting to the end of agood book you're reading adn you want to rush to hte end but you don't want it to finish- well that's where I am with my writing at the moment. 

The first mock up of the cover for the book arrived from Alan this morning, and is just what I was looking for. So here goes..... (drumroll please)..... My new book is called ' TAKE TWO' and here's the first design for the cover. I've blocked out part of the story blurb as it contains some 'spoilers' that I'm not sure I want included yet, other wise you can get the idea of where we're going with it.... 

So if you haven't read WINNER yet you'd best get a move on as this will hopefully be available during the summer... watch this space....

and finally I just want to say thanks to the people that have started following me on Twitter too. When I am walking you will be the first to know where I am at and what i am doing. I intend to do brief updates on and off, with a more detailed story on the blog at the end of the day.. of course this is all connectivity permitting. TWENTY days and counting .....

PS -almost forgot to say I've even received the first part of 'Winner' in German -Thank you Michael, and thank you Thomas for helping out with the specialist terminology! 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Test post

This is just a test post from my phone. All my students had to leave early so in the few minnutes between classed i thought i'd send a test posting in practice for my camino postings next month.
Feels ok so far


What a fantastic word- that's for starters!

If you asked me what my passion was I think my first answer would be LIFE!!

On further thinking about this I would probably say that my passions change from day to day, week by week, month by month - get the picture. I'm not saying I'm fickle, but more that I like to do what I like and that's how I assuage  (another nice word. not sure if it really fits though?) my passions in many different ways and it all depends on so many factors.

At the moment I'm sure some of you could say what my passions are without even having to think about it. Got them- well at least the top two?  Right at this very moment my passions are writing and walking, or walking and writing, or maybe more precisely The Camino and Writing.

It's just TWENTY ONE days until I set out again on The Way, and I'm getting a tad excited. I'm busy setting up and preparing. And if you want to follow me day by day (phone coverage permitting) I will be Tweeting about my adventures when I can and feel the need to do so- So if you aren't on Twitter yet get signed up and start 'Following' me. Twitter is simple to use (I'm using it :-}) and you needn't really do anything once you're signed up and following me- you'll simply get the updates as I post them. If you want to reply all you have to do is write a tweet yourself or use the 'reply' thing at the bottom of my tweet- simples! 

On my new android phone, which by the way I am getting more used to each day, I have also installed 'Blogger' so hopefully with connectivity and if I'm not completely exhausted, or partying I will be sending back a daily blog. I'm also hoping to include pictures this year- wait and see how that turns out.

Another application I've installed is WhatsApp  -this is a free messaging service for android phones iphones. This allows me to send pictures free, so if you want pics from me too sign up for this if you haven't already- you can download it from your Apps-Store (hark at me sounding like I know what I'm talking about)- any questions just ask me- and I'll pass them onto my techie adviser - Nick!!

So that's the Camino passion. My other passion writing takes up a lot of my day at the moment too. I made a commitment this week to write at least 1500 words a day to try and get the sequel to Winner completed before I set off. So far so good. this afternoon I've been sitting in the garden typing away on my laptop and hit the 1850 mark, or just over and am very happy with my progress. Reading it back I like the way it sounds and think I know where I'm going with it all. I've even written a few song-lyrics to fit in with the story- yep I was amazed at that too!!

So tell me one and all- what's your passion today, this week, this month.. well you get the picture. I'm awaiting your comments just to prove someone is reading this and all my techno trials are worthwhile!!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Just another Monday.....

This morning I was up with the larks - Summer is here for sure, and the light bursting through our bedroom window is waking me earlier. Today I just couldn't lie there and longer so jumped in the shower, cut my hair and set off out into the field with Cuddy and Xali. It was beautiful.

Everything is becoming to take a Camino focus here at Casa TulStig. At least once a day I slip off into the Camino part of my mind. This morning I found a thread, via Facebook, about Albergues on the Camino Primitivo, which was very helpful. It lists the ones to stay in and the ones to avoid, all notes have been transferred to my guidebook for use on the Way.

Tone popped down town for a few essentials, and to surprise him for lunch I made a chilled Mediterranean tomato soup, which was refreshing and delicious. 

 I spent the afternoon adding another couple of thousand words to the Winner sequel and this evening just had a couple of classes. Nothing too stressful. This evening I've been back in the book reading what I've just written today and tidying it all up. Over the next few days I'm going to contact my cover-designer cousin for a mock up of the cover. Once we've agreed this I intend to let anyone who is interested in on the title....

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another brilliant weekend

What an amazing weekend we've had here. 

Yesterday after school I relaxed in the garden, and wrote some more of my upcoming novel, another 1000 words or so. Later on I took Sue to the airport for her trip to the UK. Poor girl was so stressed - it's the first time she's travelled with baby Liliana -having texted her this morning I am happy to report that she arrived safe and sound. Jordi (her hubby) and I then dropped in at the supermarket on the way home (we were out of mushy peas!) before Tony and I settled down to watch the Eurovision Song Contest - One of our annual guilty pleasures. We knew from the outset that we (the UK) had no chance with a song and singer foisted on the nation by the BBC, both of which had seen better days and ended up with minimal points. It was great to see Sweden win, and who knows next year we can pop over to see Laila and see the show live!!
I spent some of the time tweeting with Nick, as this year there was a lack of text voting to the TulStig hub- Anna was having problems using her new android phone (I get that!), Judith was not joining in as her new daughter isn't into the Eurovision, Zakilna wasn't watching, but where were Tracy, Sals, Annie, and the Tibby Toffolos? 

Today I was late out of bed -I rarely lie in, but today didn't get up till just gone nine! Walking the dogs was a usual delight and on the way i saw this on the floor 

A message for my upcoming Camino! 

This afternoon I spent some more time sunning myself in the garden whilst reading, and then had time for a bit of writing too.

This evening we have had one of our favourite dishes for dinner - Rice, Peas and gravy, with shavings of Parmesan, and a rocket and radish shoot salad:

and are now sitting here watching another great TV programmer- The BAFTA awards. I have to comment that the sofa is a little crowded, but at this point in the evening that's comforting as they've just shown the hall of fame of the actors etc who have scuttled off this mortal coil this last year, which always affects me..

Friday, 25 May 2012

Camino (plus) advances

This morning postie arrived with my Camino t-shirts, cap and some postcards for distribution as I walk. for each Camino I've worn my very own designed t-shirts and this year will be no different. I'm hoping to distribute some of the postcards along the route to promote 'The magic'

Along with the-shirts and cap there was also a postcard from Australia from Davine. It was one of my 'Magic' postcards with a lovely message on the back saying how much she had enjoyed reading the book. It really made my day. 

This afternoon I finally took the plunge and bought myself an android phone. So far it's scaring me and I'm not getting on very well with it, but that was how I started with this laptop and now I'm getting along just fine, so fingers crossed in a few days I'll be the best of chums with it too. I am having a bit of a problem with twitter though (one of the main reasons for getting the phone was to use it for Tweeting as I walk next month) as it seems my provider is not twitter-supported, and to send a tweet I'll have to pay for an international text each time to the UK. I'm checking as many Internet sites as I can at the moment to see if there's a way round it... 

The phone's not a brand I had heard of, but the girl in the shop (why is it that all shop assistants in these shops appear as if they are still at school?) was very helpful and said it was a good piece of kit (my words not hers!). It's an LG-E400:

Tony also said he's heard of the company and that it's a good 'un!

And as for my other book- today I've added another 1950 words- Rushing towards a climax...

Thursday, 24 May 2012

This morning began well with the delivery of the guide book for the Camino Primitivo, which I immediately ripped open and had a butchers at it. Later on after having walked the dogs I settled down for a proper look, and I can tell you the level of excitement is ratcheting up!!

Later on I had an e-mail chat with Nick about smart phones. I'm a little clearer on what i might want and will be visiting the Movistar shop to see what my points will get me and what kind of deal I can sort out. I really like the idea of tweeting as I walk, and if I can update the blog regularly whilst on the road I am hopeful that some people may even read it. I must say the comments on the blog when we were walking before really boosted our spirits, knowing there as a whole support team all over the world wishing us on.

I am now sitting her watching the Eurovision Song contest (missed the first half an hour or so as i was working!) as I type I am so happy that I bought this laptop now. From not getting used to it I am now happy typing away on it. In fact this afternoon I managed to type over 2100 words of the sequel before even realising it- I really was in the zone, and the story is really coming together.

After writing for only about an hour or so in the garden, such luxury, I put one of the chair cushions on the floor, settled down on it and fell asleep in the sun for while- as I said, what luxury.

So that was my day -another good one  great one. How was your day- have you had fun?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Writing and Walking...

Today I spoke to Michael, who is doing the translations of my books into German. He has been working hard on Winner to translate it and has had some problems with some of the 'gayer' terminology, so I have enlisted the help of a dear friend off Facebook to help out with these all important words and phrases.  We chatted on Skype about the characters and the story in general. Michael is now planning to get a copy of 'The Tales of the city' by Armistead Maupin in German, to get some idea of how that translates, as the Tales are written in the same informal style which I favour.

Winner's sequel:
Today I made a commitment to write at least 1000 words a day to push my novel towards its conclusion. Today I have actually written over 1600, and am very satisfied with what I have achieved.  I am also interested (not sure if that's the right word) in how I've kept to a commitment I 'publicised' when I hadn't pushed myself before or made that commitment to myself?!

With just twenty seven days to go till I fly off to Oviedo I have had a bit of a wobble. Firstly I was worried that I might get lost as I don't have a guidebook in English like I have had for the last two Caminos. So I found a brilliant site with loads of pictures and lo and behold there are the 'shells' and 'arrows' all clearly pointing the way- that panic over then. And, for goodness sake, I have a book on the way- in Spanish, but I read the language well!! The pictures on the site also gave me a good idea of what to expect -I just looked at the first two stages, and it got me really excited to be on my way.

Another reason I'm keen to  get going is because today, after another Friend's post on Facebook I weighed myself, and found that I am quite hefty at the moment, almost the heaviest I've ever been. I am attributing this partly to my convalescence from Sciatica recently, and overuse of the bus instead of walking, but also know I eat too much.  Walking the Camino will change all that, and I shall return more slimline, once again. 

I've also been wondering whether to update my phone to a smart phone so that I can 'tweet' whilst walking, and with wifi be able to update this blog more regularly.  Although I've spoken to both my supplier and some others I don't really feel I know any better. So Nick I could be on the messaging in the morning with questions. If anyone else can help please 'comment your two penneth'!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Big Day..... at Casa TulStig -first of all because it's Xali's birthday -this year he hits thirteen, which in human years is supposed to be ninety-one, and if that's right he's a very sprightly ninety one year old. And that's just two years younger than his grandma Stiggants, who as I mentioned was ninety-three yesterday, and here's the promised photo:

Tone's mum with Jools and Lynne.

Xali's had a very good day - He had a very long walk (his choice) followed by tuna for breakfast and roast chicken for lunch and dinner, and is now relaxing in his favourite chair.

And tonight it's the first semi final of the Eurovision- the show's good, and there are plenty of the usual surprises- Russian grannies and strange goings on and lyrics on stage. Unfortunately it's been tainted for me a bit by a documentary I watched yesterday on the Beeb about the regime in Azerbaijan- not a country with a human rights record to be proud of - if I say 'corruption' and 'mafia' , oh and 'oil' from the President down I think you'll get my meaning. However, like the Eurovision spokeswoman said without Eurovision visiting the documentary would never have happened. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and asking the universe for change. I've not a lot of hope for the UK's chance on Saturday though- Englebert Humperdink singing a song that's a clear rip off of 'mother of mine' from the seventies- retro or what?!?

And a quick 'Camino note' - I'm thinking of getting a new lightweight rucksack -all comments taken into account (please).

Monday, 21 May 2012

Coming Together...

Isn't it great when things come together. A couple of days I had a chat with my guardian spirit and he'd really been working overtime to bring things into focus for me.

At last our 'new door' project is coming to fruition. Fernando, the carpenter, came round and gave us the best quote ever -he's currently got no work on and is ready to start. We're more than happy to employ him, as not only are we getting what we want we're supporting him in the best way possible.

Yesterday  I started a major re-write of my sequel - when I woke I knew that something was wrong with the story as it was and also had a different plot i my head. Today I've written more than I have for days- it's really flowing again, and at today's rate of writing the end wont be too far away.. 

I have also been bemoaning the lack of written communications through our door lately. Today a card arrived from the wonderful Michelle in Australia, enclosing a  recipe for Thai curry too - now that's the kind of mail I really like. Thank you Michelle. 

My Camino plans are coming together too. today I received a tweet about the albergues on the Primitivo route. Perfect additional information. This had a link to a guidebook for the route, which I followed and that should be winging its way to me as I type. 

And finally for today's rambling it's Tony's mum's 93rd birthday. She hasn't been too well recently but yesterday had a bit of a family do. Tony phoned at just the right time - during said do and had nice chat with his mum. Lynne sent us a few photos yesterday evening but as they're on my PC and I'm currently on the laptop I'll add one in tomorrow. Which incidentally is Xali's 13th birthday, so here's a picture of our wonderful lad relaxing with Vinni this afternoon.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

International Baking Day

Yes today was international baking day and without knowing I fired up the oven, and the food mixer and got some baking done.

During the week one of the other teachers mentioned a carrot cake I'd made a  while back, and as we were having Carrot soup for lunch I decided to carry on grating and make a carrot cake too. we've yet to have a slice but it looks scrummy at least. So for Nick and Tilly we are dedicating this as your birthday cake.

As the oven was on I also decided to make a batch of scones as I'd fancied one for some time. They turned out fine, but are a little light and crumbly- perhaps a little too much butter?No matter they were delicious with a little cream and homemade strawberry jam- we know how to live well here!

And finally for dinner a vegetable pasta bake:

 Oh and BTW - a month today I start my next Camino adventure.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday in brief.

Walked dogs
School for four hours
Lunch with Julie in a place we hadn't tried before
Writing for a few hours
Bowl of fruit for supper
That was Saturday
That was great
THANK you.

Friday, 18 May 2012


It seems that everything at the moment in mu life has 'Camino Focus'. As I prepare for the nect one there are so many memories bouncing back of the previous ones.

Walking the dogs yesterday in the rain I was reminded of the day Jane and I walked in torrential rain for hours to get to Samos, and how much we enjoyed it.

This morning, again whilst walking the dogs I smelt a familiar smell that transported me straight back to the Camino- it was the smell of Fennel- a delicious aniseed smell that we found in patches on the Camino -and on Kees' bidding ate the tender top leaves.

And it's not just me- Having posted a picture of a dog on Facebook this morning I got a message from Janey that she thought it looked like a couple of dogs we had seen that were 'guarding some cows:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Out of endings come beginnings -who said that?- well maybe no-one exactly but that's what I've been thinking of today.  

First of all the wonderful Michelle offered a one off oracle reading - and mine was beginnings. I thrive on change, and beginnings have played a big part in my life. At the moment I am in the middle of a beginning (if such a thing is possible)- of becoming comfortable in my 'new' role as an author. 

At this time of year classes at the school are coming to an end. This week I am completing a course for a local business and today had set an exam for my class to do for the end of the course.  This generally means I have little to do during the class, but plenty of marking and report writing later. Today I decided to take advantage of the quiet time and started to make my list of things I need to get and pack for my upcoming Camino. This set me to thinking about my last Camino- The Portuguese. 

For some time I have been wondering about writing a book similar to 'The Magic of the Camino' about this walk. Well today I set pen to paper and have a rough draft of the first chapter. I may need a bit of help with remembering the sights sounds, smells and the such like so will be calling on Janey and Sussi for help,e specially as my note-taking wasn't so prolific on this walk. However I know there's a book there -again we saw some wonderful sights, met some amazing people and were affected by the whole journey.  So the beginning is there, I just need to prioritise which I write next.... but just for now here are some photos from the Portuguese Camino

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A little self-promotion....

Today I've had a busy day, despite feeling quite fatigued when I woke this morning.

Walking the dogs, and further than usual (Xali was up for a good run), blew the cobwebs away and I returned home feeling slightly more energetic. 

Time for a bit of self promotion I decided. Spurred on by Nick the other day I have been shamelessly promoting my books through Twitter and am really starting to get my head round it all.  I've even got a couple of new (literary) followers and have started following some folks in the literary world too.

Anyway today I set up a 'page' on facebook for 'The Magic of the Camino'.  Why I didn't do it before I don't know- well I do- something to do with being afraid of self promotion. Anyway I set the page up and let it go live at about 14.00. It's now just 22.30 (more or less) and already I've had 28 'likes' and a host of comments and questions on how to get hold of a copy.  Fantastico. 

This promotion meant that some of my chums from the Camino got in contact too, and so my mind went racing back to The Way, and how much I enjoyed the experience and value the friendships made on it.  I added a few photos to the page as well and the memories flooded back as to where, when and why I took the photos. Ah good times.

 Day One: Daybreak in the Pyrenees.
And a little further on with new friends.

OH, how much am I looking forward to getting back out. I am sure the Camino Primitov has more adventures in store for me....

Next job - to improve my profile on Amazon..... so if you have read 'The Magic' and you use Amazon please (pretty please) would you mind going to 'The Magic of the Camino' sales page and leaving a review... Thank you.

Monday, 14 May 2012


After a journey of about a thousand miles from Brockley to VnG eight years ago today we arrived at our new address- Casa TulStig, España. We were all a little tired and looking fora rest on arrival, and to let the cats out for a run around inside. This was not to be so.
Unfortunately the house wasn't quite as ready as we'd expected or been promised - yet again we had been let down by a builder. I'll not go into the whole sorry story but shall just say that I had to finish off the kitchen myself and let our builder go! 

However within a few days we were more or less shipshape and ready for our first guests -Annie and Emma.

In the last eight years we've had many more guests and enjoyed so many wonderful days and nights, and are obviously looking forward to many more - will our next visitors be you?

Last night we went to a concert in the local auditorium- a Latin concert with musicians from the local music school - an it was excellent.  Afterwards we came home and finished off the leftovers from the picnic/barbie.  An excellent celebratory weekend to round off our eight years in paradise.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

How time flies

It is exactly (as exactly as one can be with time) EIGHT years ago today that we left the UK, and our little flat in Brockley to start our new life here in Spain. Our plan had been to come out here for a year's sabbatical, but after just three or four month's we knew which side our bread was buttered. 

Just before leaving Brockley we had a farewell dinner at the Brockley Barge with Mikey and Olga. Sadly we have since lost contact with Mikey, but happily still are in contact with Olga. 

We spent the morning packing up our old Berlingo with our cherished possessions and left Brockley in the middle of the afternoon. I must admit to having a tear or two run down my face as we said goodbye to 'Foxberry Road'.  Martin (with whom we have also lost contact) joined us on the drive down to help with the driving -along with us we brought Xali, and Sam and Spike - two of our Brockley cats who have since died. 

We had lived in Brockley for over twelve years, and had always loved living there, but knew a better life awaited us in Spain. Before living in Brockley we had lived (for over four years) in a small bedroom (bedsit) in Shaftesbury Avenue, Central London (opposite 'MacDonald's' for anyone who knows the area) and had been happy there too. I am pleased to say that wherever we settle and call home we are happy. How lucky is that?! 

We arrived late to Dover for an eleven o'clock crossing to Calais on the eurotrain shuttle, a journey of just over half an hour.  The journey was a fairly stressful one- the animals had been sedated, but after about twelve hours that began to wear off, and although Xali was quite happy on the adventure, peeing his way across France, each time we had a comfort break, the cats clearly found it quite stressful, which upset us and increased our stress levels too.

 Samm and Spike on the garden bench. They soon settled in to enjoy the warmth of the Spanish sun.
Xali, playing with his favourite toy- yep his cock.

Although we were sad to leave our first  proper home together we were excited, and a little scared, to be moving at last into our (as previously was) holiday home in El Tacó, Vilanova i la Geltru.

Tomorrow: Arrival in Spain.....

Saturday, 12 May 2012


..... One swallow does not a summer make- that's okay cos today I saw three.

......  the colours of the sun- reds and yellows abound, and all the colours are vivid. The sand on the beach is golden yellow and covered with bodies of reds and tans. The trees are swathed in beautiful greens, the sky is a wonderful shade of blues. Everything is bright, everything is light.

...... the food tastes are heightened, the cool salad and veggies are ultra delicious.

I love summer.

and today's picnic/Barbie was just the start of a round of summer enjoyment:

Food ready to go.... leek and potato pie, courgette and onion quiche
                               coleslaw, lentil dahl pate, humus
                               bread pudding, strawberry custard tart.

 Tone and Julie having a bit of a taster  (plateful)
 Sue, Jordi and Liliana
 The whole gang at the table

Thursday, 10 May 2012

On-line connecting

I've been busy writing again today (after a bit of shopping and cleaning that is) and am enjoying the unfolding of the second instalment of the story. Little by little I will get this finished and published too- so if you are waiting for it please be patient.

One of the things that 'disturbs' my focus is the ability to have an 'internet window' open on the laptop and thus answer e-mails etc. Today I got into a bit of 'magic of the Camino' promotion. With Nick's help I managed to update my understanding of how twitter works and have been networking with hash-tags. If it promotes a few more sales it will all be worth it.

Whilst writing I also had a couple of 'Skype' interruptions too.  Firstly (auntie) Barbara video called for a chat, which was nice, as we rarely chat on the normal land-line. We caught up on some family gossip and on what we are both up to. They are off on a cruise in  a week- visiting the Norwegian Fjords.

Then an even bigger surprise when I got an e-mail from Bob and Tom, friends who used to live near us in London, but who moved to Brighton long before we moved here. They too are cruising this year and have a stopover in Barcelona so suggested we meet up, after not having seen each other for about 20 years. They gave me their Skype name so I found them and they too video-called for a chat. 

So you can see now why sometimes my plan to write is diverted, but always with good reason. 

Oh and for foodie fans today's lunch was macaroni with meatballs and mushrooms in a tomato sauce- Yumm.

 And another photo showing another of my passions- my big babes- Xali and Cuddy.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I've been sitting here cuddling a dog for the last half hour- Xali is so cuddly even when he isn't hungry. Cuddy, however, wont cuddle unless it's by accident, or if food is defo on the cards. I'n't it great to be loved!!

As for the rest of the day, pretty much a usual old Wednesday: bit of this, bit of that -gardening, washing and cleaning and then a bit of writing- and it's so good to be able to sit in the garden and read or write.

Today I also took a look at the reviews for 'The magic of the Camino' on Lulu and was overwhelmed by how good it all is, so decided to copy them over here (show-off did I hear someone say?)

  • By blawlor9- Ireland
    I really enjoyed this book too. I know Mark, but have not met him yet, yet I feel I know him even more now. He was very open in writing this book, I too like some of the other reviewers, felt I was doing the walk with him, the humour was great, lighthearted and emotional at times. The people he and Jane met along the way were interesting too going by his descriptions. I was amazed at the detail, that he put into the book, he must have made fantastic notes along the way. Well done Mark on a great read. Highly recommend.
  • By Anna O'Sullivan -Ireland
    I found that once I picked up the book, I couldn't put it put down. I felt captured by the physical, emotional and spiritual journey undertaken by Mark and how Camino imprinted itself on Mark's soul. Truly a wonderful read.
  • By nicholasbrennan- England
    A superb read. You can feel the energy emanating from the first to last pages. As previously stated, mark takes you along with him on a spellbinding and often emotional journey. Would definitely recommend this if you are contemplating The Camino or if you're just ineterested in the many highways and byways of Spain and the stories they hold.
  • By Andrea Tyrrell- Australia
    I enjoyed reading 'The Magic of the Camino' immensely. Mark's ability to draw me into his world, and walk the Camino with him and his companions was truly magical. I loved the way he wove humour into the routine of life, spirituality into the everyday, and joy into every page. I closed the book inspired to someday walk the Camino and experience its magic for myself.
  • By Carla Rodrigues- England
    I too really enjoyed this book. It had just the right amount of history for me, providing me with an insight of the Camino which helped set the scene. Like the other reviewers I too felt I was embarking on the magical journey with the author. Because of this book I'm hoping to do it myself one day. I would highly recommend this book, even if your not a walker. For me it was so much more then about walking.
  • By jane.tullett- England
    A really great read ,Once i had started to read it i couldn't put it down.
  • By Patricia m Field- England
    I found this book a delight to read well done it takes you to the place
  • By John Simmons- unknown
    I was given this book for Christmas, and really enjoyed it. I had no knowledge of the author or of the Camino beforehand, and was given it because I enjoy walking the English pathways. I now fully intend to make a trip along the Camino. Mr Tullett took me there with him and I was captivated- I hope the Camino holds the same Magic for me.