Tuesday, 8 July 2014


SO.... Back from another Camino on Saturday afternoon,  a couple of days to sort things here and now in a couple of hours I'm off to the UK on another big project. We have decided it's time to sell our flat in Brockley, and I'm off to clear the place ready for the sale.

I am full of mixed emotions about letting go of our one time home. We lived there for twenty or so amazing years and the memories are super-strong. It was our first home together where we raised our first kids, and said goodbye to some of them. It may only be bricks and mortar at the end of the day, but I know as I start to throw out and clean up I will be feeling full of so much emotion as the memories pour through. 

After ten years of not having lived there I had thought that when the day came to let go it would be relatively easy, but those darned butterflies bouncing round in my tummy are a warning of what I am about to go through.  

I know I'll get through it okay, especially with so many friends popping in to help with the process, either with rubber gloves and dusters, or grub and Cava, but I know there'll be tears amid the smiles. 

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