Sunday, 13 July 2014

End of an Era

What a busy couple of days!

Friday morning I caught the new overground line from Brockley to east London. About 15 minutes to Canary Wharf. I can now see why property prices in Brockley are rocketing.

First stop was our solicitors,  after getting a bit of advice from Adam, to ask him to get his finger out and get things moving. Then Andrea and I had a leisurely morning's shopping in Westfield. 

Back to Brockley where Donna soon arrived, followed by Jane and Amy.  After a bit of domestic shopping we went back into town to meet Sally at London Bridge, where we wandered rounds to the Hays Galleria for a drink and bite to eat. 

Catching the train back to Brockley we dropped off in the local, the Brockley Barge,  where there was a cider festival ongoing.  A pint each lead to Chinese chips and curry sauce before we eventually got back to the flat. 

Another tiring day over. .. With another to go....

We started the day off on Saturday back down the Barge for a cooked breakfast to set us up for the day. 

Around 2 our prospective buyers popped in to say hello. Then within no time more people had arrived and the party was in full swing.

Everyone kindly brought a heap of food and plenty to drink too,  most of which went during the course of the afternoon and evening,  with the bits that were left going back to Smalldole to stock Jane's cupboards.

It was great reminiscing again and catching up with a load of good friends as a final farewell to our one time home. 

It's now Sunday afternoon and I'm back in Smalldole at Jane's and Andrew's feeling my age and the strain of the lady few days;  both physically and emotionally.  Find me a quiet darkened room someone I really need some peace. 

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