Thursday, 26 June 2014

Kindness abounds

Aren't people kind?!

Selling our flat in London is proving to be as stressful as we thought it would be, but people are rallying round to help out where and when they can. If you read yesterday's post you'll know that i am kinda prone to worry. 

First of all our solicitor asked for proof of identification.  We needed to get copies of our passports certified by a lawyer. Ho hum, I thought (Stress level up a point) how to do this is Spain, as any documentation would be all in Spanish (of course).  I then remembered that one of our co-allotment friends is a Scottish Lawyer. I sent her a message asking if she could oblige, at normal rates of course. She has said of course, and at no charge as a Horta buddy (Horta is Catalan for allotment).

Then a few minutes ago I received an email from our tenant asking if I would like him to leave the phone and internet connected until after my visit, again no charge. He has been a model tenant, and good friend now, and is happy to help out even though we are kicking him out. 

And after my invitation for anyone around to drop in on the Saturday I am in London for a farewell to London party I have had many offers of help with the clearing, including an offer to bring round lunch one of the day I am there and another offer of picking me up and dropping me off around town as I need it. 

I am truly lucky to have such kind and thoughtful friends.  Thank you to you all. 

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