Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Que Sera sera ....

Today I have mostly been worrying (see my Camino Blog for more details) - I know it does no good, but it's the way I'm built. 

I know worrying serves no purpose and just takes time from the present, and I am constantly trying to modify this useless behaviour, but more often than not I slip back into 'worry mode'. 

I have a mantra which usually helps - 'What will be will be' - I know a bit 'Doris Day', but there's nothing wrong with that. Today that mantra has been repeated over and over, and I am now in a place where I can relax. Stroking Cuddy and the cats always helps too.

I think my worrying in general comes from a place of frustration, a place where I cannot control or even have any effect on what's going on. I am not a complete control freak, but really dislike it when something may happen that I cannot influence to the better. But for now I am giving it over to the universe to manage for me. after all 'What will be will be'!! 


  1. Thank you for the lovely memories with this lovely song....I have kept listening to it on and off throughout today.....Camino Hugs.

    1. Thank you Susan, for following the blog. i am glad this song brings back happy memories for you as it does for me. Camino hugs back to you too.


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